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FREE OMNI TH Homogeniser worth £693


Purchase TWO 50 packs of disposable Hard ot Soft Tips and get an Omni TH  FREE

Omni Soft tips 2 packs of 50 tips - Get an Omni TH homogeniser FREE

Omni Hard tips 2 packs of 50 tips - Get an Omni TH homogeniser FREE  

Normal retail price of Omni TH handheld homogeniser is £693

FREE OMNI TH Disposable Tips worth £320

Purchase an Omni TH and get a FREE Box of Omni Tips - 25 Pack

Omni TH with free pack of 25 Hard tips for hard and fibrous tissue 

Omni TH with free pack of 25 Soft tips for soft tissue and deaggregation

Normal retail price of tips is over £320 for a pack of 25 tips 

FREE Tube Carriage with every Bead Ruptor Elite


Buy a Bead Ruptor Elite and get a free tube carriage

Tube carriage worth over £1400

Contact 01954233110 or email support@camlab.co.uk

FREE Tube Carriage or Grinding Jars with every BR-96 Homogeniser

Buy a Bead Ruptor 96 and get a FREE Tube Carriage Holder or Grinding Jar

Maximum discount £1600

Contact us on 01954 233110 or email support@camlab.co.uk



Explorer Auto Door Versions Reduced

Buy an Ohaus Explorer Auto Door version for the same price as the non-auto door version.

Offer discounts already applied.

Explorer Semi-micro balances

Explorer Analytical Balances

Limited Offer Until 31st July 2020

15% Off Calibrex Bottle Top Dispensers

15% Off all Socorex Calibrex Bottle Top Dispensers

Calibrex Solutae 530

Calibrex Organo 525

Limited Offer Until 30th June 2020