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SAVE 20% - Horiba PH210 and PH220 Kits

SPECIAL OFFER on Lovibond MD100 Pocket Colorimeter Chlorine with Powder Pillows reagents

New lower price plus free shipping on Suez Select Fusion 160 

Purchase the LAQUA PH210 or PH220 pH/ORP/Temperature meter kit until the 26th June and save 20%!

Each Kit Includes:

  • 2 x AA batteries
  • Manual and quick guide
  • 9652-10D plastic-body, gel-filled pH electrode integrated with temperature sensor
  • pH 4.01, 7.00, 10.01 buffers (60ml each)
  • Carrying case

Save 20% Now

Special offer price on the MD100 chlorine pocket colorimeter whilst stocks last.

MD100 Pocket Colorimeter

Take advantage of our lowest ever price for the popular Fusion 160 water purification system. Plus, we hold stock of this, so you can receive delivery as soon as the next working day!

Select Fusion 160

Monitoring Microbial Growth with the Right Package

Equip Your Lab & Save: Discounted Select Labware

DI 10 Incubator + TTC Dipslides Package

Ideal for: General hygiene and microbial control trend analysis.


DI 10 Incubator + TTC/Rose Dipslides Package

Ideal for: Detecting both total bacterial count (TTC) and yeast & mould (Rose Bengal) growth.


Both packages include:

  • DI 10 Incubator: Compact and easy to use, ideal for field or laboratory testing.
  • Lovibond Dipslides: Pre-filled with media for quick and reliable testing.
  • User instructions and comparator charts for easy result interpretation.

Offer ends 26th December 2024

DWK products from the following groups are featured in this offer. Please note that not all sizes in the range are available under this offer:

  • Erlenmeyer Flasks (Pyrex)
  • Azlon Beakers (PP)
  • Wide Mouth Bottles (PP, HDPE)
  • Venting Wash Bottles
  • Volumetric Flasks (Class A, Pyrex)
  • Azlon Integral Wash Bottles

Special Offer ends July 2024