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15% Off Socorex Bottle top dispensers until December 31st 2018


Calibrex organo 525/solutae 530 with stopcock

Calibrex organo 525/solutae 530 without stopcock

10% Off Gas Monitors for Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide


Special Introductory offers on both mains and battery powered OX-600 and RI-600 Monitors for checking your local environment for inert gas contamination

Ohaus Small Bench Top Equipment 

15% Off Ohaus Small Bench top equipment (excludes balances and centrifuges)


15% off all shakers, vortex mixers and hotplate stirrers for a limited time only..

SMEG Glasswashers

Plug and Play Educational Bundles - specially commissioned glass washer bundle packages from SMEG.

SMEG Glasswashers

Omni TH homogeniser - FREE pack of 25 soft or hard tips (RRP £402.20) when you buy the Omni TH homogeniser

The Omni TH is a powerful tissue homogeniser designed to handle a wide range of laboratory samples from 0.2 mL to 100 mL in volume. It can be used to process a large range of applications such as tissue homogenization, emulsions and suspensions, cell disruption, protein extraction and medical research. Ergonomically designed, it's lightweight enough to be hand-held and can also be mounted to a motor stand for lengthier processing.

Omni TH homogeniser

SD 400 Optical Dissolved Oxygen Meter - 25% off

The SD 400 optical dissolved oxygen meter allows measurement at an advanced level. With an intuitive interface, the meter allows rapid test results with high precision. These measurements are based on the optical technology of luminescence which enables highly accurate results, a fast response time and requires low maintenance.  This instrument has been newly developed for the application of treatment plants and waterworks, research and teaching, as well as fish-farming.

SD 400 Optical Dissolved Oxygen Meter

BOD measuring system for Biogas Determination - £805 off list price

Designed for biogas determination these systems are equipped with Oxitop measuring heads designed for measuring BOD in anaerobic degradation processes.  The systems consist of a 6 place measurement system, controller OC 110, stirring platform S 6-Var, 6 or 12  bottles MF 45, 6 or 12 measuring heads OxiTop®-C/B, accessories and a universal power supply.

BOD measuring system for Biogas Determination

Colour Coded Wash Bottles from Azlon50% less
then Nalgene

A range of
wash bottles with red, blue, green or yellow closures/stems to permit easy content identification.

Bottles are designed to dispense through the top with a closure and stem moulded in one piece for uniform leakproof service. Precision moulded tip provides a straight, steady stream without sputtering. The tip can be cut back to increase flow. Tight fit of draw tube and closure prevents separation when squeezing bottle.


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