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Water Testing Kits & Equipment

Water and environmental testing products including colorimeters, spectrophotometers, ph meters, conductivity meters, test strips, COD vials and test reagraents from leading brands including HACH Lange, Tintometer, Lovibond, Camlab and Palintest.

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Sub Categories

BOD Biochemical Oxygen Demand

Biochemical Oxygen Demand, (BOD). Instruments for the measurement of BOD5 for ...more
Picture for category BOD Biochemical Oxygen Demand
11 Products in range

COD Chemical Oxygen Demand

Chemical Oxygen Demand is one of the most common parameters for waste water ...more
Picture for category COD Chemical Oxygen Demand


Colorimeters for water testing applications, simple electronic devices for water ...more
Picture for category Colorimeters
105 Products in range


Comparator systems offer a fast and simple way to test water for different ...more
Picture for category Comparators

Conductivity Meters

Camlab supply a wide range of portable, benchtop and process conductivity ...more
Picture for category Conductivity Meters


Instruments for Electrochemical techniques, measurements such as pH, Dissolved ...more
Picture for category Electrochemistry


For Flocculation (jar) tests on water and effluent samples.
Picture for category Flocculators
4 Products in range

Instruments - Multi Parameter

Multiparameter instruments for water analysis, spectrophotometers and ...more
Picture for category Instruments - Multi Parameter
42 Products in range

Instruments - Online Process

Online and process instruments for the analysis of water. Parameters such as ...more
Picture for category Instruments - Online Process

Microbiological Testing

Microbiological Testing for water samples, includes tests for bacteria, ...more
Picture for category Microbiological Testing
15 Products in range

Multi-parameter meters

Multi-parameter electrochemistry meters for measuring varying combinations of ...more
Picture for category Multi-parameter meters
43 Products in range

pH & Indicator paper and test strips

Indicator papers and test strips for pH and other parameters
Picture for category pH & Indicator paper and test strips

pH Meters

Portable and benchtop pH meters for a variety of applications. Suppliers include ...more
Picture for category pH Meters

Pool testing

Testing products for pool and Spa applications
Picture for category Pool testing
16 Products in range

Reagents / Kit Reagent Sets

Replacement reagents for spectrophotmeter, test kits and digital titrator water ...more
Picture for category Reagents / Kit Reagent Sets


From Dippers to automatic pump based systems, includes bottles an associated ...more
Picture for category Sampling


Standard solutions for water testing standards for TOC, COD, conductivity and ...more
Picture for category Standards

Suspended Solids

Testing equipment for suspended solids, from Imhoff cones to colorimetric meters ...more
Picture for category Suspended Solids
10 Products in range

Test Kits

Visual test kits for water analysis
Picture for category Test Kits

Turbidity Meters

Turbidity Meters for the measurement of water quality. A range of measurement ...more
Picture for category Turbidity Meters
17 Products in range

Water Disinfection

Chemicals and kits for the disinfection of water
Picture for category Water Disinfection
6 Products in range

Instrument Accessories

Accessories for Water analysis instruments such as replacement cells, carry ...more
Picture for category Instrument Accessories
21 Products in range

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