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Water Baths

Stirred, Unstirred, cooled and boiling baths along with circulators for accurate temperature control.

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Sub Categories

Cooling Baths and Circulators/Chillers

A range of cooling and circulating baths to suit various temperature and size ...more
Picture for category Cooling Baths and Circulators/Chillers
22 Products in range

Shaking Baths

Water baths with shaking rack mechanisms for the continuous agitation of samples ...more
Picture for category Shaking Baths
4 Products in range

Stirred Baths and Circulators

Stirred water baths, circulators and thermoregulators from companies such as ...more
Picture for category Stirred Baths and Circulators
20 Products in range


Unstirred baths and boiling baths from brands such as Grant instruments, clifton ...more
Picture for category Unstirred/boiling
16 Products in range

Water Bath Accessories

Accessories and liquids to use with your chilling or heated water bath.
Picture for category Water Bath Accessories
13 Products in range

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