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Stirrers and Hotplate stirrers

Magnetic Stirrers and Hotplate stirrer with a wide range from basic motor units to the ultra magnetic induction drive range from 2Mag, Stuart, Torrey pines and our own Camlab choice brand, for laboratory and other uses. Camlab can offer multiposition units, overhead stirrers and even stirrers that work underwater, with all the related accessories such as magnetic stir bars, retrievers an reaction blocks

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Sub Categories

Stirrer Hotplates

Stirrers with integrated heating.
Picture for category Stirrer Hotplates
26 Products in range

Magnetic Stirrers

A wide range of laboratory magnetic stirrers for every possible application. ...more
Picture for category Magnetic Stirrers
31 Products in range

Stirrers - Biological

Stirrers designed specifically for stirring biological samples. e.g.cell ...more
Picture for category Stirrers - Biological
6 Products in range

Overhead stirrers

Overhead stirrers For laboratory use, from Stuart, IKA and including the new ...more
Picture for category Overhead stirrers
7 Products in range

Submersible stirrers

Submersible stirrers from 2mag and Variomag
Picture for category Submersible stirrers
2 Products in range

Stirring Reaction blocks

Dry reaction blocks with integrated magnetic stirrers.
Picture for category Stirring Reaction blocks

Magnetic Stirring bars

Stirrer bars, magnetic followers, fleas, all used in combination with a magnetic ...more
Picture for category Magnetic Stirring bars
16 Products in range

Stirrer and Hotplate Stirrer Accessories

Accessories For Stirrers and Hotplate Stirrers From Stuart, IKA and 2Mag
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52 Products in range

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