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Select HP 80 GP

Part No: 1140906
Output at 10 °C - 7.2l/hr
Output at 25 °C - 12l/hr

Compatible Cartridges: PT8 & PP8
Annual Consumables pack : 1172729

No integral storage. An external tank is required. Purite logo medium

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£4,947.00 (inc. VAT)
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The Select HP water purification units by Suez are able to deliver a steady supply of > 10MΩ.cm pure water for laboratory tasks using carbon pre-treatment, reverse osmosis, de-ionisation and micro-filtration. A raw water boost pump is included as standard for optimum performance.

A choice of products are available with up to 48ltrs/h (based on feed water pressure of 4 bar) output.

Water quality is monitored and displayed on the digital display. It can be dispensed directly (up to 2ltrs/min) from the unit as well as from its storage tanks.

The Suez range is formally known under the brand of Purite. 

Features of the Select Range:

The select range of water purification systems offers a compact, robust and simple to use solution to your water purification needs. There are six models in the range: Analyst, edi 60, HP, Purewater 300, Fusion and the Neptune Ultimate.
Common features of the range include:

Systems are compact and can be bench-top or wall mounted.
Reverse osmosis (RO) boost pump is fitted as standard
RO removes >98% minerals and >99% bacteria
Comes complete with an installation kit and all consumables needs for the first years operation
LCD colour touch screen panel
Visual and audible alarms
USB port to download data and upload software updates
WiFi connectivity
Integral 20L storage containers (excludes GP models and the Neptune ultimate)
Semi-automatic cleaning cycles
ECO options available in some models

Water qualities comply with the BS EN ISO3696 and ASTM-D1193-06 industry standards. All units are manufactured within the ISO9001:2008 guidelines.

Typical Applications of HP Models:

Typical applications for model in this range include HPLC, ion chromatography, atomic absorption, hydrogen generation, and clinical analyser feed. This range builds on the analysts providing > 10MΩ.cm pure water.
This is achieved using 0.1um internal filtration, 0.2um point of use filter and UV light (when combined with the UV external tanks). This unit will display a number of water quality parameters. It is also compatible with the remote dispense pod. 

Available Models + Outputs:

HP 40 + 40 ECO
Output at 10 °C - 3.6l/hr
Output at 25 °C - 6l/hr

HP 80 + 80 ECO
Output at 10 °C - 7.2l/hr
Output at 25 °C - 12l/hr

HP 160 + 160 ECO
Output at 10 °C - 14.4l/hr
Output at 25 °C - 24l/hr

HP 320
Output at 10 °C - 30l/hr
Output at 25 °C - 48l/hr

The GP models do not come with the standard 20L internal tank and as such require an external tank (50L and 100L available). New ECO models are available with a high recovery rate of up to 50% of water resulting in a reduction of drain flow and total water consumption. This can mean a potential annual saving on your water bill.

Treated Water Specification:

Inorganics > 10MΩ.cm (Type II purified water)
Bacteria < 1cfu/ml
Organics TOC <20 ppb
Particles <0.1um

Installation requirements:

Power: Single Phase, 110-230v, +/- 10%, 50/60Hz 
Feed Water: Potable
Maximum TDS (ppm): 1000
Min inlet pressure psi (bar) : 30 (2.1)
Max inlet pressure psi (bar) : 90 (6.2)
Feed water Temperature : 1-35 °C



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