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Lab Safety Products

Safety products for the laboratory, office and production areas
Sub Categories

Benchtop / Surface Protection

Absorbant plastic backed papers and trays for protecting the bench-top from ...more
Picture for category Benchtop / Surface Protection
5 Products in range

Bins and Disposal

Bins and autoclave bags for the safe disposal of waste, from basic recycling ...more
Picture for category Bins and Disposal
14 Products in range

Cleaning Materials

Wipes, Sprays and Cleaning fluids for cleaning surfaces, glassware etc
Picture for category Cleaning Materials
25 Products in range

Electrical Safety

Socket protectors etc...
Picture for category Electrical Safety
1 Product in range

Eye Protection

A full range of protective eyewear with clear or tinted lenses and PPE safety ...more
Picture for category Eye Protection

First Aid

First Aid kits and equipment for initial response, including eye wash stations, ...more
Picture for category First Aid
10 Products in range

Fume Cabinets, Laminar Flow, PCR Cabinets

Read more about Ducted versus Ductless fume hoods. Ductless filtration hoods ...more
Picture for category Fume Cabinets, Laminar Flow, PCR Cabinets

Gas Testing

Products to test for gases for health and safety monitoring, ongoing testing or ...more
Picture for category Gas Testing
13 Products in range

Glove Boxes

Portable and lab glove boxes designed to protect the user from harmful compounds
Picture for category Glove Boxes
1 Product in range


Nitrile, Latex, vinyl and synthetic gloves for use in the laboratory and a wide ...more
Picture for category Gloves

Head and Face Protection

Safety equipment providing face and head protection for a variety of hazards
Picture for category Head and Face Protection
30 Products in range

Hearing Protection

A range of hearing protection products that can be used and worn ...more
Picture for category Hearing Protection
1 Product in range

Lab Coats, Coveralls and Aprons

We are able to offer an extended portfolio of coveralls, lab coats and ...more
Picture for category Lab Coats, Coveralls and Aprons

Masks and Respirators

Masks to protect from odours, dust and microbes as well as vapour ...more
Picture for category Masks and Respirators
2 Products in range

Personnel Safety

Emergency showers and eye wash stations.
Picture for category Personnel Safety
5 Products in range

Radiation Protection

Acryllic shields and storage boxes to protect users from low energy ...more
Picture for category Radiation Protection
9 Products in range

Safety Cabinets

Safety Storage for flammables, acids and medicines. Includes ducted or ...more
Picture for category Safety Cabinets

Safety Cans

Polythene and metal safety cans for the safe storage of flammable and hazardous ...more
Picture for category Safety Cans
9 Products in range

Safety Signs

safety labels, signs, tapes and charts as well as packing labels for the lab or ...more
Picture for category Safety Signs

Shoes and Boots

A range of footwear for laboratory, industrial and healthcare environments. ...more
Picture for category Shoes and Boots

Site and Environment Monitoring

Monitor your site or workplace conditions for parameters such as temperature, ...more
Picture for category Site and Environment Monitoring
14 Products in range

Spill Kits

Range of kits to deal with hazardous spills.
Picture for category Spill Kits
10 Products in range


Laboratory tongs for handling hot items
Picture for category Tongs
3 Products in range

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