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Adjustable and fixed variable volume, Manual and electronic pipette options in single and multi-channel formats.
Sub Categories

Fixed Volume Pipettes

A range of fixed volume pipettes for easy and accurate liquid transfer ...more
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4 Products in range

Variable volume pipettes

Electronic and manual single channel pipettes in either standard or positive ...more
Picture for category Variable volume pipettes
14 Products in range

Multichannel Pipettes

A range of multichannel pipettors in 8,12 and 16 channel formats in both manual ...more
Picture for category Multichannel Pipettes
6 Products in range

Electronic pipettes

Take the manual out of your pipetting, various manufacturers electronic pipettes
Picture for category Electronic pipettes
15 Products in range

Pipette Accessories

Nozzles, Workstations, Plunger caps and filters plus other accessories.
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42 Products in range


Liquid pipetting reservoirs and troughs for easy dispensing of reagents in ...more
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7 Products in range
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