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Camlab offers a comprehensive range of pH electrodes, combination pH electrodes, redox probes, ISFET probes, DO Dissolved oxygen Probes, ion selective electrodes and other electrochemical sensors for the majority of applications in the laboratory and in the field. Electrodes available include specialist probes with specialist junctions such as liquid junction pH electrodes, double junction combination electrodes and PTFE junction versions. Different sample types can also be accommodated with micro, flat, spear tip and long electrdoes.

Sub Categories

Half Cell electrodes

Half cell probes form half of a pH or selective ion electrode set-up. Unlike ...more
Picture for category Half Cell electrodes
6 Products in range

pH Combination electrodes

pH electrodes or combination pH electrodes for measuring the pH of solutions ...more
Picture for category pH Combination electrodes
49 Products in range

TRUEscience pH Electrodes

A range of pH electrodes which can be used with TRUEsceince SMART pH Caps
Picture for category TRUEscience pH Electrodes
1 Product in range

Ion Selective Electrodes - ISE

Ion selective electrodes for measuring ions such as flouride, ammonia, nitrate ...more
Picture for category Ion Selective Electrodes - ISE
15 Products in range

ORP Electrodes - Redox

Redox probes
Picture for category ORP Electrodes - Redox
10 Products in range

Electrode Accessories

Cables, filler solutions andstorage bottles for electrodes
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24 Products in range
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