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Pd-Tips 2.50ml Non-Sterile Pack of 100

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PLASTIBRAND® PD-Tips (Precision Dispenser Tips) work on the direct displacement principle and are therefore particularly suitable for dispensing of fluids with high viscosity, high vapor pressure, etc.

The PLASTIBRAND® PD-Tips with patented size encoding are the ideal system component for the HandyStep® electronic (with automatic tip size recognition) and HandyStep® S from BRAND.

The ideal combination: PLASTIBRAND® PD-Tips and HandyStep® electronic
The HandyStep® electronic repetitive pipette saves time and prevents errors through automatic tip size recognition of the PLASTIBRAND® PD-Tips. The size of these tips is en-coded in their piston (patented). After inserting the tip, the size is automatically recognized and displayed, making it easy to select the volume to be dispensed. When a new PD-Tip of the same size is inserted, all instrument settings are maintained.

PLASTIBRAND® PD-Tips can be used also with compatible, third-party dispensing systems. 

The automatic size detection option is available in HandyStep® electronic, Gilson®, Repetman®, and Rainin AutoRep™ E. In addition, PD-Tips can be used with the repetitive pipette HandyStep® S, Rainin Auto- Rep™ M, Eppendorf® Multipette® 4780 and EDOS® 521 among others.

PLASTIBRAND® PD-Tips are made from high-quality materials (Cylinder: PP/ Piston: PE-HD, 0.1 ml: LCP) without soft lubricants or other additives.

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