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Oil and Petroleum Testing

A range of equipment and instruments to test all aspects of petrochemical products, including flash point and viscosity, to ASTM standards.

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Sub Categories

Bitumens and Waxes Testing

Instruments for testing bituminous materials and waxes including ductility, ...more
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Flash Point Testing

Instruments for testing flash point of petroleum products to a range of ASTM ...more
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Fuels Testing

Instruments for fuel testing in accordance with ASTM IP and ISO specifications, ...more
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General Testing

Equipment and instruments to carry tests on a range of petroleum and hydrocarbon ...more
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Kinematic Viscosity Testing

Viscometers, viscosity baths and related accessories used to measure the ...more
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Lubricating Grease Testing

Instruments and apparatus for the testing of lubricating greases including ...more
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Lubricating Oils Testing

Instruments for testing a wide range of parameters such as cloud and pour points ...more
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Manual and automatic penetrometers plus a range of accessory cones and needles ...more
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Saybolt and Dynamic Viscosity Testing

Instruments and equipment for testing Saybolt Viscosity, Saybolt Furol Viscosity ...more
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Spares and Accessories

Accessories and spare parts for use with the oil and petroleum testing equipment ...more
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