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Myron L

Myron L Company - Manufacturer of hand-held and process control water testing instruments for many applications. They are a leading manufacturer of high quality and simple to operate pH , conductivity, ORP, TDS and temperature instrumentation for water quality control as well as providing a range of buffer and standard solutions.


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  1. Yes 8items

Chemical type

  1. Buffer 4items
  2. Standard 32items
  3. Storage Solution 4items

Chemical Grade

  1. Standard 4items
  2. Analytical 4items

Electrode body material

  1. Epoxy 2items
  2. metal 3items

Electrode connector

  1. Special 5items

Meter Type

  1. Benchtop Single Parameter 15items
  2. Benchtop Multiparameter 5items
  3. Portable Single Parameter 5items
  4. Portable Multiparameter 11items
  5. Stick Single Parameter 6items
  6. Meter Accessories 12items


  1. Alkalinity 3items
  2. Conductivity 30items
  3. Multi 17items
  4. Nitrate 7items
  5. Oxygen 2items
  6. pH 5items
  7. Redox 8items
  8. TDS 9items


  1. Yes 19items


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