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A selection of vortex, blender and rocking mixers and accessories

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Industrial grade Blenders for laboratory use
Picture for category Blenders
4 Products in range

Jiffy mixers

Mixer blades for use with electric or air powered mixers
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1 Product in range

Mixer Accessories

Picture for category Mixer Accessories
16 Products in range

Roller Mixers

Roller mixers are designed for use in the laboratory to gently roll bottles to ...more
Picture for category Roller Mixers
4 Products in range

Rotators and Rocker Mixers

Rotator mixers and rocker mixers allow you to either rotate tubes end on end or ...more
Picture for category Rotators and Rocker Mixers
17 Products in range

Vortex Mixers

Mixers that provide a rapid mixing action creating a vortex for maximum mixing ...more
Picture for category Vortex Mixers
21 Products in range

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