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A selection of binocular and monocular microscopes from Optika based in Bergamo Italy. Optika offer a comprehensive range of Entry level, Laboratory, Industrial and Research Microscopes, including Brightfield with Automatic Light Control (ALC) feature which is unique to Optika; Phase Contrast, Polarising and Fluorescent Microscopes to suit every budget. To compliment their fantastic range of scopes Optika also have a broad range of digital cameras and accessories.

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Entry level Microscopes

Picture of Entry level Microscopes
£293.40 (exc. VAT)

£352.08 (inc. VAT)
3 in range Details

Optika B-380 Series Microscopes

Picture of Optika B-380 Series Microscopes
£779.43 (exc. VAT)

£935.32 (inc. VAT)
14 in range Details

SZP-8 Routine Stereozoom Head

Picture of SZP-8 Routine Stereozoom Head
£1,787.16 (exc. VAT)

£2,144.59 (inc. VAT)
1 in range Details

Industrial Microscopes

Picture of Industrial Microscopes
£239.89 (exc. VAT)

£287.87 (inc. VAT)
9 in range Details

Trinocular Inverted microscopes

Picture of Trinocular Inverted microscopes
£2,172.41 (exc. VAT)

£2,606.89 (inc. VAT)
1 in range Details

USB Microscope

Picture of USB Microscope
£91.82 (exc. VAT)

£110.18 (inc. VAT)
1 in range Details
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Microscope Accessories

Accessories for Microscopes, including microscope slides, cover slips. storage ...more
Picture for category Microscope Accessories
13 Products in range

Microscope Cameras & Adaptors

A range of Optikam and DIGI Microscope Cameras
Picture for category Microscope Cameras & Adaptors
5 Products in range

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