Machery Nagel Introduce a NEW Active Warning for Interfering Turbidity

Each of us has certainly observed issues with turbity in everyday life: A filled glass with a cloudy fruit juice, where you can’t see through. The situation is similar with the cuvettes in our photometers. If the analyzed sample is turbid, less light arrives at the detector. Even low levels of turbidity, which is not always visible to the human eye, can scatter the light and thus result in wrong measurement results. These turbidities are often underestimated as a source of error in photometric analysis.

With the new active turbidity warning, Machery Nagel offers increased measurement safety. As soon as you activate the warning function in your spectrophotometer NANOCOLOR UV/VIS II or NANOCOLOR VIS II, the photometer actively warns you in case of interfering turbidities; a huge plus for the safety of your measurement results. This practical function is of great value especially for COD tests; since the tubes have a sediment after digestion which can interfere with the measurement if not cared for..

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