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Laboratory Centrifuges by Brand

Where refrigeration is not an essential requirement, a standard option laboratory centrifuge is an ideal choice. Our world leading brands provide centrifuge models to deliver high performance and reliability for consistent results.

Each of the models we offer have been chosen for their usability, and wide range of applications. Whether your requirement is in microbiology, tissue culture, drug discovery or proteomics, you can be sure that your your unit will be safe, and of the highest standard. Search our laboratory centrifuges by brand to find out the capabilities on offer from different manufacturers or by size to find a centrifuge for your particular tube or capacity requirements.

All units are listed with their corresponding range of rotors, buckets and adaptors to allow you to select the right speed, g-force, capacity and angle for your centrifugation needs.

Sub Categories

Camlab Choice Centrifuges

Micro centrifuge and refrigerated micro centrifuges which offer exceptional ...more
Picture for category Camlab Choice Centrifuges
3 Products in range

Centurion Centrifuges

Centurion centrifuges offer the assurance of British manufacturing and a wide ...more
Picture for category Centurion Centrifuges
4 Products in range

Dynamica Centrifuges

A range of tough dependable centrifuges utilising advanced keyless rotor systems
Picture for category Dynamica Centrifuges
5 Products in range

Funke Gerber Centrifuges

Funke Gerber Centrifuges which are specially designed for ...more
Picture for category Funke Gerber Centrifuges
1 Product in range

Grant Centrifuges

Grant centrifuges offer small personal centrifuges combined with vortex mixers ...more
Picture for category Grant Centrifuges
3 Products in range

Hettich Centrifuges

A range of quality mid sized bench and micro centrifuges from Hettich
Picture for category Hettich Centrifuges
9 Products in range

Ohaus Centrifuges

A stunning new range of Ohaus Frontier centrifuges, available with quick ...more
Picture for category Ohaus Centrifuges
12 Products in range

Sartorious Hand Centrifuges

A small economical centrifuge that can be used where basic centrifugation is ...more
Picture for category Sartorious Hand Centrifuges
1 Product in range

Stuart Centrifuges

Stuart centrifuges from Bibby scientific offer robust performance and proven ...more
Picture for category Stuart Centrifuges
2 Products in range

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