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Laboratory Centrifuges by Size

Browse our range of centrifuges by capacity and size. You can browse small personal microfuges, bench micro centrifuges, benchtop centrifuges and floor standing centrifuges. We offer a wide choice of brands and price options. Our world leading brands of centrifuge include MSE, Grant, Hettich, Seward, Centurion, Stuart, Camlab Choice, Dragonlab, Sartorius and Funke Gerber.
You can also browse by brand if you prefer using the link below.
Sub Categories

Micro Centrifuges

Micro centrifuges are typically designed for spinning Eppendorf tubes at very ...more
Picture for category Micro Centrifuges
12 Products in range

Small Bench Centrifuges

These centrifuges are typically up to 6x30ml and are usually lower speeds around ...more
Picture for category Small Bench Centrifuges
10 Products in range

Medium Bench Top Centrifuges

Medium bench top centrifuges typically can spin up to 400ml of material. Typical ...more
Picture for category Medium Bench Top Centrifuges
8 Products in range

Large Benchtop Centrifuges

With capacities of 1000ml to 3000ml these large bench centrifuges offer a wide ...more
Picture for category Large Benchtop Centrifuges
4 Products in range

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