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Kottermann High Performance Lab Fume Cupboards


Where applications are liable to give off dust, gasses, or toxic fumes, fume cupboards or fume hoods are a key requirement. Various specifications and sizes are available. Each hood works to protect laboratory staff from harm whilst handling hazardous substances. Of particular importance are the high performance fume cupboards from Kottermann which are specifically designed to cope with the use of highly corrosive acids for example acid digestion work. The internal coating is highly resistant to corrosion.

Of course, safety is paramount in laboratory facilities and the Kottermann High Performance Fume Cupboard range we offer is of world class standard for safety and performance. Their long lasting components and reliability are second to none, and provide ergonomic work stations for staff.

With the Kottermann high performance fume cupboard models you will recognise the containment-enhancing features that allow them to operate at greater energy efficiency while ensuring that lower air face velocities are maintained. The innovative Softmatic system and intelligent front sash control come as standard and the whole system is monitored by the digital Airmonitor, making the advancement in standards the perfect fit in your facility.

Whatever size of high performance fume cupboard you require, talk to us and let us find the model and laboratory design to suit you.

Picture of Koettermann High Performance Lab Fume Cupboards

Koettermann High Performance Lab Fume Cupboards


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Kottermann ducted fume hoods are available as part of our comprehensive laboratory design consultation service. This includes consultation, speciication and full CAD design services for the small labs up to major institute installations. Please call us now for more details on 01954 233 110
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