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Kemio Disinfection Chlorite Hard Case Kit with Check Standards

Part No: 1226914
The Kemio Disinfection Chlorite kit, in hard case with reagents and check standards 

What is included in the box?

This kit (in a hard case) contains everything needed to perform a chlorite test.
  • Kemio Disinfection Unit
  • USB Cable
  • International power adapter
  • Check Standards
  • Quick Start Instructions
  • 200 Kemio Sensors for Chlorine Dioxide/Chlorite
  • 100 Kemio Sensors for Chlorine
  • Reagents (30ml Glycine solution (PT 549), 30ml CR-1 Reagent for chlorite determination (PT 546), 30ml CR-2 Reagent for chlorite determination (PT 547))
  • Degassing Equipment
  • Consumables

£1,700.00 (exc. VAT)
£2,040.00 (inc. VAT)
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Range DescriptionItem

Designed to provide a high level of traceability, which is particularly suited to the food, beverage and brewing industries

Measurable parameters:

Please note: to measure these parameters, additional reagents will be required. (The hard case kit does include reagents to perform chlorite testing). 
  • Chlorine (Free and Total)
  • Chlorine Dioxide
  • Chlorite
  • Peracetic Acid (PAA)

Features include:

Clear pass / fail display for results
You can label tests to have set limits so that when results are outside of your acceptable range they will be clearly displayed as a fail, reducing any uncertainty.

Simple to use
Simple test method (involving sensors) reduces differences and uncertainties between users.
Clear instructions are displayed for test methods
You can easily account for a dilution if it is required to bring your sample within the instrument’s test range.When programmed, the unit will work out the correct result for you, with no multiplication needed on your part.

Results are fully traceable
It has an internal digital data log that can summarize an impressive 10,000 results. 1,000 results can be viewed directly on the device. Each sensor is scanned into the unit before use and allows you to assign batch numbers. This also functions to validate the test type, range and expiry date

Readings are not affected by turbidity or other floating particles

No need for glassware

Quick results

Results can be achieved in 60 seconds and there is no need for measuring and mixing chemicals

IP67 waterproof rating

LCD touch screen display

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