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Various incubators including cooled, CO2 and shaking in a selection of sizes with different heating and cooling options. This allows you to precisely control the temperature of the incubator chamber.

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Standard Incubators

Incubators with heating only Request Information
Picture for category Standard Incubators
12 Products in range

CO2 Incubators

Incubators which allow you to create a CO2 atmosphere inside for anaerobic ...more
Picture for category CO2 Incubators
3 Products in range

Cooled Incubators

Incubators with heating and active cooling. Typically this cooling will be ...more
Picture for category Cooled Incubators
10 Products in range


Incubator fitted with a rotisserie for hybridisation bottles.
Picture for category Hybridisation
2 Products in range

Shaking Incubators

Incubators with integral shaking racks for tubes, flasks and bottles. These ...more
Picture for category Shaking Incubators
6 Products in range

Spares and Accessories for Incubators

Shelves, racks etc...
Picture for category Spares and Accessories for Incubators
57 Products in range

Total Visibility Incubator

Provide 360 degree visibility during incubation.
Picture for category Total Visibility Incubator
3 Products in range

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