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Hach DR3900 Spectrophotometer with RFID technology for 13mm Vials

Part No: 1187513
Dr3900 Spectrophotometer with RFID technology, UK plug (340-1100nm), mains operated, colour screen, preprogrammed with all hach and lange procedures, Link2SC software. User programmable wavelength and time scans Hach logo

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SAMPLING & SAMPLE PREPARATION - Which sample? Which User? 

- Traceability right from the start
- RFID encoding of each sample
- Reliable identification of samples
- Assured traceability of samples
- RFID data transfer from the sample to the spectrophotometer

Samples must be traceable to generate reliable results in the field of water analysis. RFID uses contactless data transfer to guarantee reliable identification of samples.

The user when taking a sample is able to transfer sample location, date, time and sample taker information to the bottle. The bottle is then scanned on the instrument to transfer data to the instrument. 

Compatible with the full range of Hach LCK vials in 13mm format

PREVENT MEASUREMENT ERRORS - Trust in your results 

With the new 2D barcode on our cuvettes, the DR 3900 photometer automatically identifies from whether there is a new cuvette test available or if an existing method needs to be updated. If so, the required calibration data is now directly available from the RFID tag on the cuvette packaging. The The 2D barcode contains batch number and expiry date details of the reagents. If the expiry date has already passed. Automatic alerts warn of expiry dates and if there are any discrepancies in the C:N:P ratio and if any thresholds are exceeded

TRANSPARENT ANALYSIS - Real-time communication between lab and process with LINK2SC 

The LINK2SC connection between the photometer and an SC controller guarantees that analysis is transparent, facilitating direct comparison between laboratory and process results. The data from the laboratory is returned to the controller via Ethernet and the process probe is adjusted (where necessary).

- Easy adjustment of lab and process data with LINK2SC
- Bi-directional data streams
- If necessary, immediate matrix correction of the process probe

AQA measurements can now be defined and documented in the spectrophotometer itself. Current batch certificates (for GMP/GLP documentation purposes) can be found on the RFID tag of the cuvette test packaging. They can be retrieved immediately on the DR 3900 photometer and printed out. Measurement values are saved using the established ADDISTA system with standard and round robin solutions. Quality control cards can now be created and maintained in the spectrophotometer. 

COMMUNICATION & DOCUMENTATION - Data transfer via Ethernet connection or USB stick 

The DR 3900 Spectrophotometer can be networked, supporting the efficient documentation of analysis data in various connected systems. The spectrophotometer also helps to make sure that measurement values are correctly interpreted and classified.

The DR 3900 delivers comprehensive reliable water analysis results at every stage of the water analysis process.

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