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Camlab GFH Green Fume Hood

Protect the User - Protect the Environment - Save Energy

Erlab Green Fume Hood (GFH) from Camlab

A filtration based hood that can actually replace traditional energy hogging vented hoods?

The GreenFume Hood with Neutrodine provides a safe and flexible alternative to ducted fume hoods and saves energyThe Green Fume Hood features an entirely new and unique carbon-based filtration unit called Neutrodine, which can be used for all chemical types (previously up to five filters were required) and can handle around 99.8% of laboratory chemicals (previously about 70%). It also provides an impressive improvement in retention capacity in some cases reaching an additional 50%.

picA common problem facing laboratories is that although safety fume hood sallow users to work safely when handling dangerous chemicals they also consume enormous amounts of energy in the process. The energy drain is principally because safety fume hoods often run 24 hours a day to maintain the air balance in a building and consequently waste energy by constantly expelling heated/cooled air and contaminants into the surrounding environment. Although the energy benefits of ductless filtration fume hoods have been known for some time the main limitation has been the scope of chemicals that the filters can handle, which requires users to select from up to five different types of filter and makes it complicated to ensure safety especially across a large organisation. The Green Fume Hood with Neutrodine provides a safe, flexible alternative to ducted fume hoods and offers energy savings while reducing pollution in the local environment.

The addition of HEPA filters further improves the safety of the hoods compared with ducted versions as they can be safely used for powders without the build-up of dangerous or flammable contaminants in ductwork.

Add to this the portability and flexibility of a standalone ductless unit and you start to understand why more and more universities and institutions all over the world are turning to the Green Fume Hood. Products in the range include four different sized hoods and special under-hood cabinets for use with existing ducted installations.

Camlab is the exclusive UK agent for the Erlab Green Fume Hood and offers full support including sales advice, installation services and backup.

We understand the need to provide the right solution for every single one of our customers which is why we have a specialist team to give expert advice and support for these products.

Find out how you can start saving £000's/year for every fume hood in your institution by calling our sales office on 01954 233 110 or email and ask for GREEN FUME HOOD!

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