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Various Products for Filtration Including Paper, Capsules, Funnels and Thimbles


Environmental tesing for air 

Environmental testing for soil

Environmental tesing for Water
Sub Categories

Paper Filters (Cellulose)

Cellulose filter papers  for general purpose, qualitative and quantitative ...more
Picture for category Paper Filters (Cellulose)

Glass Microfiber Filters

Glass microfiber filters manufactured from 100% borosilicate glass: binder-free ...more
Picture for category Glass Microfiber Filters
18 Products in range

Membrane Filters

The membrane filters offer accurately controlled pore size distribution and ...more
Picture for category Membrane Filters
20 Products in range

Filter units, Funnels and Cups

Re-usable and disposable filter units, funnels and cups.
Picture for category Filter units, Funnels and Cups
20 Products in range

Microbiology Filtration

A range of filters, holders, growth media and specialised accessories for ...more
Picture for category Microbiology Filtration
5 Products in range

Extraction Thimbles

Extraction thimbles in cellulose or high quality quartz for use in extraction ...more
Picture for category Extraction Thimbles
5 Products in range

Capsules and In-line Filtration

In-line filtration capsules for filtering flowing liquids or air.
Picture for category Capsules and In-line Filtration
11 Products in range

Syringe Filters

Disposable syringe filter devices designed to provide fast and efficient ...more
Picture for category Syringe Filters
21 Products in range

Syringeless Filters

Syringless filters provide a faster easier way to remove particulates from ...more
Picture for category Syringeless Filters
10 Products in range

Filtration Accessories

Pumps, Membrane butlers, Swabs and more...
Picture for category Filtration Accessories
13 Products in range
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