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Ferrometer Kit

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PT 258
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The Palintest Ferrometer 1000 provides an easy to use but accurate instrument for monitoring iron at any point in a process, or in the field. Part of the Palintest 1000 range of instruments, the Ferrometer combines high build quality with a proven chemistry to give total iron content of water.

Iron occurs widely in nature and is found in many natural and treated waters. In domestic and industrial water supplies it can cause staining of clothes, plumbing fittings and swimming pool surfaces. The formation of insoluble iron deposits can be troublesome in many industrial applications.

Iron salts can come from corrosion in plant and equipment, and from the industrial processes themselves. It is important therefore to monitor natural and drinking water, as well as process waters and effluents.

The Palintest Iron MR test uses the industry standard 1,10 phenanthroline test, and is capable of dissolving colloidal and particulate iron to give a true measure of the total iron content. The instrument is suitable for bench use in water treatment plants and labs, as well as for field use by sampling officers and inspectors, or by water quality engineers. For maximum portability the Ferrometer is supplied in a soft carry pouch with a belt loop. The option of a hard carry case is also available. The kit comes complete with test tubes, Iron MR test tablets and full operating instructions.

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