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Fits Fume Hood

  1. Astec 110items
  2. Bigneat 73items
  3. Bioair 17items
  4. Blueair 52items
  5. Cruma 49items
  6. Erlab 32items
  7. Erlab Stores 6items
  8. Faster Chemfree 13items
  9. Gelaire 23items
  10. Gruppo Strola 30items
  11. International PBI 21items
  12. Labcaire 58items
  13. Misonix 28items
  14. Safelab 73items

Fume Filter type

  1. Pre-Filter 4items
  2. HEPA Filter 3items
  3. AS for solvents 212items
  4. BE for acid vapours 179items
  5. F for formaldehyde 165items
  6. K for ammonia 160items

Fume Hood Type

  1. Air Monitors 1item
  2. Air Purifiers 9items
  3. Back Panels 9items
  4. Bench Units 16items
  5. Filter 585items
  6. Fume Hood 7items
  7. Sensors 11items
  8. Work Surface 14items



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Erlab are experts in laboratory air filtration, manufacturing a range products including ductless fume hoods, laminar flow hoods, filtering storage solutions, air filtration systems and replacement fume hood filters for a number of other brands. With the unique Erlab Safety Programme, you can rest assured that you have the most appropriate product for total safety in the lab.
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