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Laboratory Equipment

Laboratory equipment from Camlab Ltd including a wide variety of pH and conductivity meters, shakers and mixers, weighing equipment and balances, spectrophotometers, fume hoods, ovens, hotplates, water baths test chambers and other laboratory instruments.

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Small hand held anemometers for easy wind speed monitoring
Picture for category Anemometers
6 Products in range


Camlab offer a large range of autoclaves that are available suitable for Medical ...more
Picture for category Autoclaves
7 Products in range

Automated Analysers

Automated analysers for pH, Conductivity, alkalinity, specific ions (fluoride ...more
Picture for category Automated Analysers


Laboratory balances for weighing, Top Pan, Semi Micro Analytical and ...more
Picture for category Balances

Bead Mill homogenisers

These homogenisers use small beads in a disposable sample and a rotational ...more
Picture for category Bead Mill homogenisers
5 Products in range


Gas fed Bunsen and spirit burners for any application
Picture for category Burners
14 Products in range


Basic and scientific calculators for general laboratory use
Picture for category Calculators
3 Products in range

Calibration Weights

Calibration weights in a range of sizes and grades for calibrating balances.
Picture for category Calibration Weights
5 Products in range


Analogue and digital calipers for accurate measurements
Picture for category Calipers
2 Products in range


A range of laboratory centrifuges for all applications and sample ...more
Picture for category Centrifuges

Chloride Meter

Chloride meters for automated chloride analysis Request Information
Picture for category Chloride Meter
1 Product in range


TLC tanks and Sprayers plus HPLC tubing cutters, Frits and Rheodyne tools.
Picture for category Chromatography

Colony counters

Basic manual counters with light mounts and digital pen counters.
Picture for category Colony counters
4 Products in range


Laboratory Colorimeters for a wide variety of applications. Request ...more
Picture for category Colorimeters
8 Products in range

Conductivity Meters

Conductivity meters from Camlab, we supply a wide range of portable, benchtop ...more
Picture for category Conductivity Meters

Cryogenics Equipment

Bulk storage systems and portable dewars along with inventory control systems ...more
Picture for category Cryogenics Equipment
20 Products in range


Cryometer for the measurement of extremely low temperatures. Request ...more
Picture for category Cryometer
1 Product in range


Equipment for logging temperature, humidity, pressure and a variety of other ...more
Picture for category Dataloggers
73 Products in range

Density Meters

Density measuring tools in handheld and bench form for the laboratory
Picture for category Density Meters
9 Products in range


Simple desiccator chambers in glass and plastic and floor standing cabinets
Picture for category Desiccators
18 Products in range

Digestion apparatus

COD, Kjeldahl and general digestion apparatus. Request Information
Picture for category Digestion apparatus
16 Products in range


Dispensers and pipette controllers for precise control of liquid ...more
Picture for category Dispensing


From full dissection kits in cloth wraps and all constituent instruments along ...more
Picture for category Dissection

Dissolved oxygen meters

Dissolved oxygen meters for laboratory and in field use. From suppliers such as ...more
Picture for category Dissolved oxygen meters
29 Products in range

Dry Blocks and Baths

Temperature control in various formats for multiple tube sizes. Dry blocks are ...more
Picture for category Dry Blocks and Baths

Electronic burettes

Electronic burettes provide a controlled accurate delivery of solutions or ...more
Picture for category Electronic burettes
3 Products in range


Camlab has been selling electrophoresis equipment for more than 40 years. ...more
Picture for category Electrophoresis

Flame Photometers

Flame photometer for the analysis of Sodium, Potassium, Calcium, Lithium and ...more
Picture for category Flame Photometers
9 Products in range


Fluorimeter and various accessories and filters. Request Information
Picture for category Fluorimeters
1 Product in range


A range of benchtop furnaces in a selection of sizes. Request ...more
Picture for category Furnaces
11 Products in range


A selection of kitset or designed to ...more
Picture for category Furniture

Glass Washers

Camlab are experts in laboratory glass washing and offer a complete  range ...more
Picture for category Glass Washers

Grinding Mills

A selection of grinding mills and accessories Request Information
Picture for category Grinding Mills
4 Products in range


Histology Equipment
Picture for category Histology
3 Products in range


Manual and Mechanical items for the production of homogenous samples. Available ...more
Picture for category Homogenisers


Analogue and Digital hotplate formats for heating requirements. Available in ...more
Picture for category Hotplates
18 Products in range

Ice makers

Cube, flake and chip ice making machines in benchtop and freestanding formats ...more
Picture for category Ice makers
5 Products in range


Various incubators including cooled, CO2 and shaking in a selection of sizes ...more
Picture for category Incubators

Label Printers

Printers, labels and scanners for easy and convenient product/sample ...more
Picture for category Label Printers
16 Products in range

Light Lux Meters

A range of meters to measure and log light levels in a variety of units ...more
Picture for category Light Lux Meters
3 Products in range


A range of magnifiers
Picture for category Magnifiers
2 Products in range

Mantles for Heating

Heating Mantles provide a gently uniform heat for laboratory flasks. They are ...more
Picture for category Mantles for Heating
28 Products in range

Melting Point Apparatus

A wide range of apparatus for determining the melting points of solid compounds, ...more
Picture for category Melting Point Apparatus
7 Products in range

Microplate Readers

A selection of 96 well microplate readers to detect biological, chemical or ...more
Picture for category Microplate Readers
3 Products in range


A selection of binocular and monocular microscopes from Optika based in Bergamo ...more
Picture for category Microscopes
11 Products in range


A selection of vortex, blender and rocking mixers and accessories Request ...more
Picture for category Mixers

Oil Baths

Heating baths for use with oil - allowing heating to higher temperatures than ...more
Picture for category Oil Baths
1 Product in range


Digital Osmometers and Accessories Click below for the quick guide to ...more
Picture for category Osmometers


A selection of specialist, vacuum and general purpose laboratory ovens and lab ...more
Picture for category Ovens

pH Meters

Wide range of pH meters to fit all budgets, from simple stick meters to complex ...more
Picture for category pH Meters


Adjustable and fixed variable volume, Manual and electronic pipette options in ...more
Picture for category Pipettes


A selection of digital polarimeters and tubes Request Information
Picture for category Polarimeters
6 Products in range


Vacuum, diaphragm and liquid transfer pumps for all applications including ...more
Picture for category Pumps
1 Product in range

Reaction Station

Reaction Station, Stem, integrity and RS reaction stations from electrothermal ...more
Picture for category Reaction Station
3 Products in range


Various handheld and benchtop refractometers Request Information
Picture for category Refractometers
16 Products in range


A selection of fridges, freezers, cold rooms, coolers and accessories Request ...more
Picture for category Refrigeration

Retort Stands & Jacks

Retort Stands, Bossheads, clamps and laboratory jacks as well as a range of ...more
Picture for category Retort Stands & Jacks

Rotary Evaporators

Rotary evaporators are distillation units that incorporate an efficient ...more
Picture for category Rotary Evaporators
6 Products in range


A range of kits for the end user to use to perform routine maintainance and ...more
Picture for category Service
1 Product in range


Wide range of bench top shakers, orbital shakers, incubator shakers and ...more
Picture for category Shakers


A selection of stainless steel and brass sieves in various sizes
Picture for category Sieves
9 Products in range


Click the buttons below for the quick guide to Jenway Spectrophotometers or to ...more
Picture for category Spectrophotometers
31 Products in range


Hot air sterilisers for sterlising equipment or samples Request ...more
Picture for category Sterilisers
5 Products in range

Stirrers and Hotplate stirrers

Magnetic Stirrers and Hotplate stirrer with a wide range from basic motor units ...more
Picture for category Stirrers and Hotplate stirrers


A selection of stomachers in various sizes and accessories. Request ...more
Picture for category Stomachers
18 Products in range

Temperature calibration

Calibration equipment for temperature measurement
Picture for category Temperature calibration
5 Products in range

Test Chambers

Humidity Chambers, constant climate chambers and specialised test chambers from ...more
Picture for category Test Chambers
8 Products in range

Thermal cyclers

Thermal cyclers for use in Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) procedures. Available ...more
Picture for category Thermal cyclers
7 Products in range


A broad variety of temperature measuring equipment in a variety of formats, ...more
Picture for category Thermometers

Timers and Stopwatches

Various mechanical and digital timers and stopwatches
Picture for category Timers and Stopwatches
14 Products in range


Automated titrators and titration systems for analysis such as acid value, ...more
Picture for category Titrators
15 Products in range

Ultrasonic baths

High quality ultrasonic baths in a variety of sizes for dispersion, cleaning and ...more
Picture for category Ultrasonic baths
12 Products in range

UV lamps and cabinets

A selection of UV lamps including handheld, cabinet and benchtop and ...more
Picture for category UV lamps and cabinets
17 Products in range


Viscometry instruments, Kinematic, vibrational and rotational viscometers from ...more
Picture for category Viscometry
7 Products in range

Water Baths

Stirred, Unstirred, cooled and boiling baths along with circulators for accurate ...more
Picture for category Water Baths

Water Purification

Various water purification units including ion exchange, reverse osmosis, ...more
Picture for category Water Purification
19 Products in range

Water Stills

Various water stills for the purification of water and accessories
Picture for category Water Stills
4 Products in range

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