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Echotherm IC30XT Heavy Duty Digital Chilling / Heating Dry Bath -20 to +100°C

Part No: 1201419
Torrey Pines

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Chill and heat samples from -10 to +100°C (without sample block) with precise control, even at ambient temperatures, on this heavy-duty, versatile unit.

Blocks to fit 1.5ml tubes up to 50ml tubes and even round-bottom flasks are available as accessories.

The IC30 model offers the same features as the IC20 unit but has a higher capacity. Please note the IC30 model must be used with the high capacity blocks, not the standard blocks.

The completely solid-state EchoTherm IC30 unit is a large, heavy-duty, digital, electronic chilling/heating dry bath which is versatile, reliable and easy to use.

Simple digital controls with a backlit two line alphanumeric digital display make reading and programming the unit easy.

The chilling/heating surface is a 5" (127mm) square aluminium plate that is very flat for optimal sample contact. When unloaded, the plate surface can reach below 0°C in under 2 minutes, or heat to 37°C in 3 minutes. This rate of heating and chilling will vary with plate load. 

When working with one of the solid aluminium tube holding blocks, temperatures down to 4°C are reached in less than 1 hour. The blocks can be driven below 0°C when insulated.

Temperature gradients from the centre to the edge of any of the aluminium tube holding blocks are less than 0.5°C at any temperature.

Key features;

  • Energy efficient peltier design
  • Digital control to 1°C without sample block
  • Accurate control at ambient temperature
  • Count down timer (up to 30 days) with alarm and user settable auto-off
  • RS232 I/O port for control and data collection
  • Built in data logger
  • Electronic calibration - user can reset to any local standard
  • Compact size to save bench space
  • UL, CSA and CE compliant
  • 12 month warranty


  • Maintaining 14°C for ligation reactions
  • Enzyme reactions and deactivations
  • Mantaining 17°C for storing oocytes
  • Store samples at ice bucket temperatures
  • Incubating samples in 96-well assay plates or in aluminium blocks holding 0.2, 0.5 or 1.5ml microtubes or centrifuge tubes
  • Storing enzymes or DNA libraries at your work station
  • Freezing or storing small samples at your work station
  • Heating and cooling directly on the plate surface

Technical specifications;

  • Range; -10 to +100°C for IC30 model, -20 to +100°C for IC30XT model (without sample block)
  • Readability; 1°C
  • Accuracy; ±1°C
  • Stability; ±1°C
  • Sensor Type; Platinum RTD
  • Controller Type; PID
  • Uniformity; ±0.5°C
  • Timer range; 00:01 to 30 days
  • Timer readability; 1 second
  • Data logger sampling; 1 sec, 1 min or 5 minutes per data point
  • Data logger capacity; 8110 data points
  • Dimensions; 216mm W x 254mm D x 102mm H
  • Weight; 3.64kg

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