Demonstration Stock for Sale

From time to time we sell off our lightly used demonstration stock at greatly reduced prices. Grab your self a bargain on any of the items listed below simply by giving us a call on 01954 233 100


Quote the stock item number with the exdemo suffix to get your ex-demo bargain.

Optika B-500Bi Research Microscope - Brightfield Binocular microscope with IOS Plan achromatic objectives x4,x10,x40 and x100

Condition - As new

Demonstration model £1089.00 RRP £1310 (now superceded by the B-510 series)

Please call quoting 1197803-EXDEMO

Lovibond MD610 multi-parameter bluetooth colorimeter

Supplied with carrying case 4 batteries 3 Round vials each 24 and 16 mm ø 1 adapter each for 16 mm and 13 mm vials Plastic stirring rod 13 cm, Brush 11 cm, screw driver Guarantee sheet Certificate of Compliance Instruction Manual but without reagents

Condition - Light use

Demonstration model £826.00 RRP 945.15

Please call quoting 1200209-EXDEMO


Hach Multi-parameter Colorimeter - comes with 2x1 inch glass sample cells marked at 10,20 and 25ml. Two 1cm plastic sample cella, 1x16mm COD Testntube adapter, 4 batteries and manuals.

Condition - Light use

Demonstration model £1450 RRP £1863

Please call quoting 1194335-EXDEMO



Palintest Compact Chlorometer Duo Kit in Hard Case - Supplied with 4 x photometer tubes, test tube brush, DPD1 and DPD3, Chlorine High Range and Acidifying GP regaents (100 of each). Replacement regaents are Replacement Reagents: DPD1 - 1177421 (50 tests) or 1126239 (250 tests) / DPD3 - 1177205 (250 tests) / Chlorine HR - 1177441 (50 Tests) or 1177220 (250 tests) / Acidifying GP - 1177265 (250 tests).

Condition - Light use

Demonstration model £369.00 RRP £468.20

Please call quoting 1177637-EXDEMO

Myron Ultrameter II 6PFCE Demonstration Kit in Hard Case

Includes pH buffers, ORP standard ORP storage solution, distilled water. (Reagents may be expired or replaced depending on stock availability).

Condition - used as a demonstration model and ragents have been partially used. The unit will be thoroughly tested before purchase by our service department. Reagents will be replaced if available from stock.

Demonstrataion model £450 RRP of the Ultrameter 6PII FCE is £854.83

Please call quoting 1172846-EXDEMO



Champ 2 Lab Chair with footring sliders and integrated polyurethane seat. Adjustable seat height 580-850mm. This chair has a footring sliders.

Condition - as new

Demonstration model £188.78 RRP £259.60

Please call quoting 1198307-EXDEMO

Omni TH with six hard and six soft tips. The tips can be autoclaved upto seven times before disposing of.

Ideal for PCR, RNA and DNA sample preparation and environmental, microbiological and pharmaceutical applications.

Condition - Demonstration only light use ( there maybe some tips missing but we will replace where possible)

Demonstration model £590.00 RRP £806.52

Please call quoting 1155064-EXDEMO

S1000 Motor stand assembly for TH, GLH, and THQ Homogenisers

Includes base plate and rod

Condition - As new

Demonstration model £199.00 RRP £284.48

Please call quoting 1157057-EXDEMO

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