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Laboratory Consumables

Laboratory consumables including gloves, tubes, cleaning materials and much much more
Sub Categories

Aluminium Foil

Aluminium Foil, for protecting samples from UV light
Picture for category Aluminium Foil
2 Products in range

Auto Analyser Cups

Selection of Auto Analyser Cups
Picture for category Auto Analyser Cups
1 Product in range


Various disposal and autoclave bags
Picture for category Bags
21 Products in range


A Selection of Glass, Metal and Plastic Beakers in various shapes and sizes.
Picture for category Beakers


A Variety of General Purpose Bins in a Selction of Sizes
Picture for category Bins
18 Products in range

Bottle Accessories

Caps, bottle carriers, bottle top taps etc for working with products in bottles.
Picture for category Bottle Accessories
24 Products in range


A Selection of Glass and Plastic Bottles Including Aspirators and Jars
Picture for category Bottles


Bottle cleaning brushes.
Picture for category Brushes
15 Products in range


Stainless steel and plastic buckets for general laboratory use
Picture for category Buckets


A Selection of Automatic, Sofnol and Daffert Burettes
Picture for category Burettes


Bunsen Burners, Gases and Various Accessories
Picture for category Burners
17 Products in range

Centrifuge Tubes

Centrifuge tubes and bottles in glass and plastic, in standard and speciality ...more
Picture for category Centrifuge Tubes

Chemicals and Reagents

Reagents and Chemicals for the laboratory including analytical reagents, buffers ...more
Picture for category Chemicals and Reagents


Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) plates, HPLC columns and media, vials and ion ...more
Picture for category Chromatography

Cleaning Materials

Various products for cleaning in the lab or industrial or manufacturing sites. ...more
Picture for category Cleaning Materials
3 Products in range


Containers for sample storage
Picture for category Containers
18 Products in range


Crucibles in a variety of materials
Picture for category Crucibles
13 Products in range


Low Temperature High Performance A range of Cryovials, tubes, boxes, inventory ...more
Picture for category Cryogenics

Cuvettes and Sample Cells

Sample cells and cuvettes for use in spectrophotometers. Quartz, glass and ...more
Picture for category Cuvettes and Sample Cells


Various cytological consumables including slides and haemacytometer ...more
Picture for category Cytology
11 Products in range


Detergents, Neutralising and anti-foaming agents
Picture for category Detergents
14 Products in range


Small and long-handled dippers for easy water sampling of hard to reach areas.
Picture for category Dippers
5 Products in range


Camlab offers a comprehensive range of pH electrodes, combination pH electrodes, ...more
Picture for category Electrodes


Various Items for Electrophoresis
Picture for category Electrophoresis


Various Products for Filtration Including Paper, Capsules, Funnels and ...more
Picture for category Filtration


A range of general flasks including volumetric, erlenmeyer, conical, boiling ...more
Picture for category Flasks

FTA Technology

Selection of FTA Cards, Kits and Various Accessories
Picture for category FTA Technology
5 Products in range


Glass, Metal and Plastic funnel options for accuracy of liquid transfer and ...more
Picture for category Funnels


General laboratory glassware, beakers, cylinders, flasks, funnels
Picture for category Glassware


Nitrile, Latex, vinyl and synthetic gloves for use in the laboratory and a wide ...more
Picture for category Gloves


A hydrometer is an instrument used to measure the specific gravity or relative ...more
Picture for category Hydrometers
16 Products in range

Ice Buckets & Trays

Plastic ice trays and buckets for general laboratory use
Picture for category Ice Buckets & Trays
8 Products in range


Metal and Plastic jugs for use in laboratories and industry
Picture for category Jugs


A diverse range of Microtube, sheet and cryogenic labels for all your sampling ...more
Picture for category Labelling

Mailing Containers

Various size containers for the mailing of samples
Picture for category Mailing Containers
3 Products in range

Measuring Cylinders

Glass and plastic measuring cylinders of various volumes and brands.
Picture for category Measuring Cylinders


Various microarray accessories
Picture for category Microarray
3 Products in range

Microplate Seals/Mats

Various sealing mats and lids compatible with a wide variety of multiwell plates
Picture for category Microplate Seals/Mats
6 Products in range

Multiwell Plates

A wide range of multiwell plates in various sizes plus accessories
Picture for category Multiwell Plates
36 Products in range

Paper products

Various paper products including medical wipes, lens cleaning tissues and ...more
Picture for category Paper products


Parafilm sealing film for general laboratiory use
Picture for category Parafilm
2 Products in range


Plates, Tubes, Thermal cyclers and Workstations for use with the polymerase ...more
Picture for category PCR

Petri Dishes

Glass and Plastic petri dishes. 
Picture for category Petri Dishes

pH paper, Indicator Paper & Test Strips

pH papers, Indicator papers and test strips for pH and other parameters such as ...more
Picture for category pH paper, Indicator Paper & Test Strips

Pipette tips

A selection of filter, macro, micro, mid and specialist pipette tips from a ...more
Picture for category Pipette tips

Pipettes and liquid handling

Single use and reusable plastic and glass pipettes, transfer pipettes and ...more
Picture for category Pipettes and liquid handling


Laboratory plasticware 
Picture for category Plasticware


Plastic racking systems for a variety of tube sizes, available lidded or open ...more
Picture for category Racks

Sample Security

A range of secure sample containers with tamper evident seals
Picture for category Sample Security
3 Products in range


Plastic and stainless steel measuring and dispensing scoops
Picture for category Scoops


Plastic and metal spatulas for general laboratory use
Picture for category Spatulas
11 Products in range

Stirring Rods

Stirring Rods and protectors
Picture for category Stirring Rods
6 Products in range


A selection of rubber, glass, plastic and cork stoppers including accessories
Picture for category Stoppers

Storage Boxes

Plastic storage solutions for all your freezer and cryogenic ...more
Picture for category Storage Boxes
34 Products in range

Storage tubes

A range of tamper evident storage tubes in various sizes
Picture for category Storage tubes
2 Products in range


Selection of sterile disposable swabs and accessories
Picture for category Swabs
10 Products in range

Syringes & Needles

A selection of syringes and needles.
Picture for category Syringes & Needles
66 Products in range

Test tubes

Range of test tubes and accessories in various sizes and specifications
Picture for category Test tubes

Tissue culture

Tissue Culture treated flasks,plates and dishes for use with a broad spectrum of ...more
Picture for category Tissue culture
7 Products in range


Plastic and stainless steel trays for safety and general use
Picture for category Trays
12 Products in range


A range of tubing made from various materials in a selection of sizes. This ...more
Picture for category Tubing


A wide selection of glass and polystyrene vials and accessories
Picture for category Vials
19 Products in range

Wash bottles

Wash bottles, ideal for solvent and water use around the laboratory, a wide ...more
Picture for category Wash bottles
21 Products in range

Weighing Boats

A range of weighing boats for use in the laboratory. Choose from square or ...more
Picture for category Weighing Boats
4 Products in range

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