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Comparator systems offer a fast and simple way to test water for different parameters. Reagents are added to the sample to produce a colour change, the intensity of this colour change is then compared visually against the comparator disc to determine the concentration.

Used in testing most water parameters from ammonia to zinc, including all common tests such as Chlorine by DPD, pH, nitrates and metals, plus many more. 

Sub Categories

Comparator Accessories

Accessories including carry cases and lighting units for use with water testing ...more
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Comparator Discs

Discs for comparator systems, Hach, Tintometer and Palintest
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Comparator Kits

Complete kits with everything needed to test one or more parameters using a ...more
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Comparator Units

Comparator systems for water testing and analysis from Tintometer, Lovibond, ...more
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