Camlab Water COD 16mm Mercury Free Vials
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Chemical oxygen demand (COD) is one of the most important parameters in effluent monitoring and treatment. The COD test is used to predict the requirement an effluent will have for oxygen and hence the effluent's likely impact on the aquatic life of the receiving water course.

Camlab water mercury-free COD can be measured in three ranges. LR (3-150 mg/l) is applicable for final effluents and treated waste water. MR (20-1500 mg/l) is suitable for measuring crude sewages, untreated and partially treated waste water. HR (200-15000) is suitable for monitoring trade effluents.

Please note a reactor is required for COD sample digestion.

Products in this Range

Products in this Range
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Camlab Water CW2420710 Mercury Free COD Vials 0-150 mg/l 16mmPack of 25
Camlab Water CW2420711 Mercury Free COD Vials 0-1500 mg/l 16mm Pack of 25
Camlab Water 2420712 Mercury Free COD Vials 0-15,000mg/l Pack of 25