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Tubing fittings, Taps, Clips and accessories

Accessories for use with tubing. These include fittings and taps for use with tubing of various diameters to limit or control flow, cutters and clamps.
Sub Categories

Small Tubing Taps and Stopcocks

Taps and stopcocks for use with narrow bore PVC, silicone and rubber tubing.
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1 Product in range

Tubing Clamps and Cutters

Cutters and clamps for tubing including the unique Camlab quick replace Multiway ...more
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7 Products in range

Tubing Connectors

Connectors for joining PVC, Silicone and rubber tubing. Options are avilable for ...more
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11 Products in range

Tubing In-Line Accessories

In-line flow meters, drying tubes, one way valves and quick disconnectors.
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5 Products in range

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