Postal Service Contract

Including one annual preventative maintenance service in our laboratory, your equipment will be inspected, cleaned, tested & calibrated.
You will receive a comprehensive calibration certificate for complete peace of mind.

Platinum Service

Choose one of our premium postal service contracts to get your instrument serviced & calibrated in minimum time.

Same Day        Three Day

Instruments included

Available on selected instrument types

Collect & Return

Based in the local area?

CB postcode customers can benefit from our Collect & Return Service

Our local van will collect your instrument and re-deliver it to you when the work is complete.  We aim to service your item within 1 – 3 working days.

Drive in & Wait

Need your instrument back the same day?  Arrange for our engineer to carry out the work while you wait.

By appointment only.

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To ensure we can resond quickly and efficiently we will need the model number serial number and any loan requirements

What Instruments are Covered?

Please check before placing your order but in general the following instrument types are covered by our Postal Platinum Service Level Agreement.

Cold plates, Colorimeters, Conductivity meter, Flexi meters, Flourimeter, Homogenisers, Hot plates, Jar Testers, LDO meter, Magnetic stirrers, Melting point apparatus*, PH meters, Photometers, Shakers, Spectrophotometers, Titrators, Turbidimeters, Vacuum pumps and Viscometers



* We will need to know the temperatures before sending back to ensure we have the standards available

Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD), Cooling baths, Cryometers, Osmometers, Water baths