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Camlab help Magpas beat the heat

07 August 2013

Release date 7th August 2013

Camlab help Magpas Helimedix beat the heat

Camlab staff recently visited the Magpas Helimedix Base near Huntingdon, to commission a new LEC laboratory freezer. The unit was donated by Camlab to protect valuable medical formulations and drugs from the temperature extremes experienced in the medical storage portacabin, which is housed in the main Helimedix Aircraft hangar.

Magpas provides an enhanced air ambulance and emergency response service, despatched to medical emergencies in Cambridgeshire, the East of England and beyond. Crucially the flights carry specialist trauma doctors and paramedics who can start treatment immediately, thus saving more lives and drastically reducing the long term effects of head and other serious injuries.

Picture the scene: its dark, its cold and you are trapped in your car. Your injuries are so severe you need specialist medical care and you are quite possibly dying. Thankfully, Magpas is on call to provide its charity funded enhanced Doctor and Paramedic teams by air or by land. Many of the UK’s expert medics volunteer with Magpas to provide frontline medical care - free of charge. The Helimedix team work together to save lives at the roadside or where they are needed most. Magpas is also one of the leading providers for trauma care in the UK and receives no Government or National Lottery funding - relying wholly on generous donations from the public.

“The work these guys do is amazing and everyone in the East of England should know what the team are doing for us” says Oliver Guy from Camlab.
Magpas Doctor Ali Tompkins told Camlab, “This specialist fridge has been invaluable through the hot summer, keeping our drugs at the correct temperature and ensuring they are safe to use. If only we could cool the whole portacabin as well!“

For more info, please see the Camlab website on: or the Magpas website on:


Oliver Guy from Camlab with Magpas Dr Ali Tompkins Magpas Volunteer Paramedic Phil Almond


Rowan Maulder and Oliver Guy from Camlab with the Magpas Helimedix Team

More about Magpas…
Magpas is a registered charity (no. 1119279) which has attended over 60,000 patients since the organisation was founded in 1971. Magpas receives no Government or National Lottery funding and relies wholly on generous donations from the public.

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