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CamClean A25 Strong Alkaline Biological Cleaning Concentrate 1L

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GHS-05 Corrosive
GHS-05 Corrosive
Part No: 1178775
Strong alkaline cleaner designed for removal of blood, saliva, protein, bone, greases fates and oils. Ideal for medical instruments, alkali resistant glass, plastics and ceramics. NOT for aluminium, magnesium or light metal alloys. Dose rate: 0.5% at 55ºC only. Suitable for labware and medical instruments made from metal, glass, ceramic and plastic materials. Not for aluminium, magnesium, alloys of light-metals and alkali-sensitive glassware. Removes - markings, - labels - greases from ground-glass joints - resinified & tarry resi-dues - lime soap deposits and prevents from its redeposition - blood - saliva - protein-, bone- & tissue-residues - fats/greases and oils, polishing & grinding residues - finger-prints and dust. For strong/thick tarry residues the alkalinity of the cleaning solution may be amplified by the addition of potassium hydroxide or sodium hydroxide. Camlab

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Camclean Detergents are specially formulated for a wide range of difficult cleaning tasks.

Camclean Original is specifically designed for Camlab's range of CUB, CUB EXTRA and MAXI laboratory glass washing machines. It has a wide temperature range and works seamlessly with Camlab washing programmes. It can be used with all makes of machine working best when used in conjunction with Camlab CAMACID neutraliser. Dose Rate: 1.25% at 40-90C.

Camclean specialist. We also offer a range of specialist CAMCLEAN detergents, that offer specific cleaning power and can be used for most manufacturers glass washers and ultrasonic baths.

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