2.19 Brexit Readiness Questionnaire

Although we have now left the EU the following questionnaire responses shows our current response to the issues raised.

Camlab will again be looking to address supply chain issues on critical products in the interests of our customers. Since March 2019, Camlab has significantly increased its stockholding and freed up warehouse capacity. Completion of the installation of new pallet racking in June 2019 resulted in an increase of free warehouse pallet space by 23%. A number of suppliers are now using this space to mitigate the supply risks of Brexit. We are happy to work with other suppliers of critical products and discuss the utilisation of available space in our UK warehouse to hold stock for our customers.

 This questionnaire below was designed to assess how our organisation and others had considered the high level impacts of Brexit to the business, and the continuity of providing goods and/or services to our customers. Camlab sent this questionnaire to all our main suppliers and used this to help prepare for Brexit.

This questionnaire below is an extract from an external audit which assessed Camlab's Brexit preparations and is designed to assess how Camlab has considered the high level impacts of Brexit to the business, and the continuity of providing goods and/or services.

2.19 - Has the company carried out an initial risk assessment of the impacts of Brexit against each of the following areas - YES


2.19.1 Changes to the customs procedures for both exports and imports following Brexit and possible effects on cash flow and payments processing - YES


2.19.2 Possible changes to common standards ceasing to apply following Brexit e.g. EASA and REACH - YES, UK is now adopting it's own version of REACH called UKREACH which has a 5 year implementation phase. The CE mark will be replaced by the UKCA mark which needs to be on all goods sold in the UK after 31st Dec 2021 following a recent extension granted after manufacturers lobbied government.



2.19.3 The effects of currency fluctuations and increased cost of manufacture, transport or storage following Brexit - YES


2.19.4 Effect on the company's operations caused by changes in the rights to live and work in a particular State, as well as changes to travel restrictions and the consequent effect on key staff and resource following Brexit - YES


2.19.5 Disruption to the company's supply chain including changes to manufacturing lead times and the vulnerabilities of suppliers and sub-contractors following Brexit - YES, this is the most likely consequence to affect customer continuity of supply. Risk assessment done. Actions being implemented to mitigate this.


2.19.6 Changes to legal status of the company's certifications, staff qualifications, protection of  Intellectual Property Rights and relationships with subsidiaries and partners caused by changes to regulation following Brexit - YES


2.19.7 Impact of new tariffs and taxes and the company's capabilities to understand and manage these new requirements following Brexit - YES

2.19.8 What is Camlab's market share respect to the following regions (Sales In last Financial Year)  :  United Kingdom - 88% European Union (excluding the UK) - 6% Outside of the UK/EU - 6%


2.19.9 What approximate percentage of Camlab's production is carried out in each of the following regions:  United Kingdom - 99% European Union (excluding the UK) - <1% Outside of the UK/EU - <1%


2.19.10 What approximate percentage of Camlab's procurement of goods and/or services is purchased from suppliers from the following regions: United Kingdom - 65% European Union (excluding the UK) - 10-20% Outside of the UK/EU - 10-20%


2.19.11 Does the company hold Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) status NO, we have currently registered for a ‘transitional simplified import procedure with HMRC.

2.19.12 Have you increased your UK stock holding - YES, Critical lines