What material are the closed connectors made from?

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What material are the closed connectors made from?
The closed connectors  are part of a laboratory scaffolding system which can be used to create a framework of clamps and struts to mount lab equipment. [caption id="attachment_1325" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Bosshead Closed connector"]Bosshead Closed connector[/caption] The  closed connector does the same job as a bosshead on a traditional retort stand  and clamp. The closed connector is made out of  Precision injection moulded nylon with 30% glass fibre reinforcement provides enormous strength at a great saving in weight.  There is positively no corrosion possible.  This material is perfect for laboratory use since it has the very high melting point of 221°C and good resistance to chemicals, particularly salt solutions and most solvents. In addition, since the vivid colours are an integral part of the product, there is no paint, plating or coating that can fail in use. Available and in stock at Camlab.
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