Want to know more before purchasing a laboratory glasswasher?

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Want to know more before purchasing a laboratory glasswasher?
Camlab realised that buying a laboratory grade glasswasher can be a mine-field of information and how do you choose the right model for your laboratory? To help during the selection process we have developed a number of guides on our website to help you with this important purchase: Why do you need a laboratory glasswasher? This guide will help you to understand why Laboratory glasswashers are different to domestic units and why this is important to the end-user and the unit itself. Choosing the right glass washer for your application This guide is designed to address some of the questions one should ask before purchasing like the implications of the different power ratings available, choosing detergents and cleanliness standards of the final product. Looking after your glass washer Cleaning your glasswasher is a major factor in its performance and longevity and the guide goes some way to explain why this is an important consideration when purchasing. Some task are more critical than others and certification is required to ensure that the wash cycle meets exacting standards. This needs consideration BEFORE purchase and so we have included it on the guides to aid the decision making process. Each glasswasher we list as its own unique merits that need to be understood and with a little help and guidance we aim to find the right glass washer for you. To extend the life and efficiency we can also provide maintenance contracts over and above the standard warranty period for peace of mind in the future.
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