The Elmasonic Select Range from Elma

The Elmasonic Select Range from Elma
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The Elmasonic Select Range from Elma

The Elmasonic Select Series:

The Elmasonic Select series from Elma is a powerful and individual range of ultrasonic cleaners with a wide range of applications and uses. This series comes with baths with tank volumes ranging from 3.0L to 90L.

Applications for parts cleaning include but are not limited to:

  • Manufacturers of industrial workpieces and components, workshops and repair shops
  • Watchmakers, jewellers, jewellery and watch workshops
  • Research and analytical laboratories



  • Cleans - Industrial components and parts (carburettors and filters). watch components (straps, clasps and cases), jewellery (earrings and bracelets with or without precious stones), lab instruments (volumetric measuring equipment and test tubes).
  • Removes - Resins, oils and greases, adhesive residues, abrasive and polishing pastes, chips, flux, organic contaminants (such as horn and skin residues), build-ups of dirt and grime.
  • Prepares samples for - Degassing, Homogenisation, Emulsification, Dispersion, Lysis, Disagglomeration, Thermosensitive process.


The Elmasonic Select series comes with a range of 5 modes to choose from depending on which cleaning situation suits your needs.

  • Eco mode - Gentle cleaning with energy-efficient, value-preserving and quiet operation.
  • Sweep mode - Homogenous mode for even distribution of ultrasonic power for most cleaning tasks.
  • Pulse mode - Powerful mode that removes stubborn dirt using pulsating sound distribution.
  • Dynamic mode - Multi talent mode that combines both the pulse and sweep mode, to enhance cleaning performance.
  • Degas mode - Preparing mode for rapid degassing of (HPLC) samples and freshly prepared cleaning solutions.



Other highlights of this range include:

  • Brilliant display - Large, bright display with extremely wide viewing angle helps the user to see all the important information during cleaning. Additional symbols for the special functions allow individual operating sequences.
  • Powerful functions - 4 individually adjustable programs and 5 powerful ultrasonic modes, temperature controlled start, quick start function, adjustable limit temperature and automatic degassing are all functions of the Elmasonic Select series.
  • Safe operation - Special performance features such as, quiet operation, dry running protection and a safety switch off function (after 8 hours). The closed front surface also helps prevent the contamination of dirt and moisture.
  • Intuitive operation - large and easy to use buttons with clear assignments. Intuitive function selection, acoustic feedback and easy-to-understand symbols support the user throughout the cleaning process.

There are also a range of accessories that are available for the Select models:

  • Baskets - Stainless steel baskets ensure the cleaning product in the ultrasonic bath is in the optimal sound field and the user is safe from coming in to contact with cleaning chemicals.
  • Holders - The holders are practical and used to hold various cleaning objects such as sieves or Erlenmeyer flasks.
  • Inserts - Various inserts offer the option of holding small glasses or small baskets that are designed for delicate objects. This allows for an efficient clean with minimal cost.
  • Noise protection box - The noise protection box limits the noise of the set ultrasound unit by 75% on average. Resulting vapours are also extracted via a silenced outlet.

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