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The Elmasonic Select Range from Elma
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The Elmasonic Select Range from Elma

The Elmasonic Select Series:

The Elmasonic Select series from Elma is a powerful and individual range of ultrasonic cleaners with a wide range of applications and uses. This series comes with baths with tank volumes ranging from 3.0L to 90L.

Applications for parts cleaning include but are not limited to:

  • Manufacturers of industrial workpieces and components, workshops and repair shops
  • Watchmakers, jewellers, jewellery and watch workshops
  • Research and analytical laboratories
Heated Ultrasonic Bath
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Question. Should I use a heated ultrasonic bath?

Answer: Ultrasonic cleaning is used in a wide range of applications to effectively and efficiently remove contamination such as dirt, grease, and other residues from components and products. Elma Gmbh have created and developed a range of powerful ultrasonic cleaners, each with their own range of machine functions and accessories designed for use in various applications from parts cleaning to e...