QUANTOFIX Peroxide Test Strips: Reliable and Efficient Peroxide Measurement

Quantofix Peroxide Test Strips
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QUANTOFIX Peroxide Test Strips: Reliable and Efficient Peroxide Measurement

QUANTOFIX Peroxide offers a fast, simple, and reliable method for controlling peroxide levels in rinsing and washing processes of equipment. These strips reliably detect peroxides starting from a concentration of 0.5 mg/L, making them ideal for this application. The three different test sizes for these strips provide different gradations: up to 25, 100 or 1000 mg/L H2O2 designed for different applications.


Peroxide determination using QUANTOFIX Peroxide is easy to perform reliably within seconds. A new comparative study confirms QUANTOFIX Peroxide 25 and QUANTOFIX Peroxide 100 test strips from MACHEREY-NAGEL are similar in performance range to the competitor's product (MQuant®* / Merck*) and have an accuracy of over 95% underlines the reliability of peroxide determination with QUANTOFIX**.

Ideal for the Dairy Industry

QUANTOFIX Peroxide is particularly suited for use in the dairy industry. These strips enable simple and cost-effective detection of peroxide-based disinfectants, making them suitable for tasks like testing cleaning water or checking for residues in dairy products. QUANTOFIX Peroxide helps ensure efficient and safe quality control processes. The comparative study confirms that these strips perform just as effectively as the competitor's product, even in yogurt analysis.


In addition to water, QUANTOFIX Peroxide is also equivalent in quality to the competitor's product (MQuant®* / Merck*) in yogurt, as the study shows.**. However, care must be taken when used in this analysis, with special instructions to follow for optimal results.

Due to the opacity and light colour of yogurt, it is important to remove the excess without leaving any residue so that the colour can be read without distortion. This reduces the possibility of false negative readings. 

QUANTOFIX Relax: Objective Evaluation and Improved Accuracy

For increased convenience and objective colour evaluation with quantitative results, the QUANTOFIX Relax is a specifically designed reflectometer for use with QUANTOFIX strips, combining the ease of test strips with the precision of instrumental analysis.

In applications like the dairy industry, where rapid, consistent analysis and documented results are crucial, QUANTOFIX Peroxide test strips used with QUANTOFIX Relax provides a solution.

Key Features

  • Instrumental Evaluation: Standardized measurements with results displayed, printed, and a digital record.
  • Error Reduction: Eliminates subjective colour perception and manual data entry errors.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Clear touchscreen and intuitive user guidance for efficient and comfortable use.

QUANTOFIX Peroxide Test Strips

QUANTOFIX Peroxide 25 test strips are designed for rapid and semi-quantitative determination of hydrogen peroxide concentrations. These strips provide reliable results within 15 seconds and are useful in various applications such as disinfectants, bleaching agents, and water treatment.


  • Detection Range: 0 to 25 mg/L (ppm) H₂O₂.
  • Test Time: Approximately 15 seconds.
  • Packaging: Contains 100 test strips, ensuring convenience and long-term usability.


  • Commonly used in food and beverage industries, aquaculture, and laboratory settings.
  • Effective for monitoring peroxide levels in disinfectants and bleaching agents.

QUANTOFIX Peroxide 100 test strips facilitate the rapid and semi-quantitative measurement of hydrogen peroxide concentrations up to 100 mg/L. These strips are optimal for applications requiring higher detection ranges, including industrial processes and safety checks.


  • Detection Range: 0 to 100 mg/L (ppm) H₂O₂.
  • Test Time: Approximately 15 seconds.
  • Packaging: Contains 100 test strips, suitable for extensive testing needs.


  • Suitable for use in industries such as paper and pulp, textile, and environmental monitoring.
  • Effective for ensuring safety and compliance in industrial processes involving hydrogen peroxide.

Test Strips Overview

Product Gradation [mg/L H2O2] Measuring Range Instrumental Product Code
QUANTOFIX Peroxide 25 0 • 0.5 • 2 • 5 • 10 • 25 0.5–25 mg/L H2O2 1138909
QUANTOFIX Peroxide 100 0 • 1 • 3 • 10 • 30 • 100 1–100 mg/L H2O2 1138902
QUANTOFIX Peroxide 1000 0 • 50 • 150 • 300 • 500 • 800 • 1000  50–1000 mg/L H2O2 1167509


* Merck and MQuant® are registered trademarks of Merck KGaA Darmstadt, Germany. QUANTOFIX is not endorsed by, sponsored by, or affiliated with Merck.

** Please refer to MACHEREY-NAGEL's QUANTOFIX Peroxide study here.

Information reproduced courtesy of Macherey Nagel

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