Problems Storing Light Sensitive Reagents? We have a Solution

Light Sensitive Reagents
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Problems Storing Light Sensitive Reagents? We have a Solution
Most laboratories are familiar with storing valuable photosensitive reagents and solutions in natural PP tubes simply wrapped in tin foil to “protect” them from light.
Blackline tubes and boxes are ideal for use with fluorescent probes or ethidium bromide. The entire range is autoclavable and features storage/freezer boxes, 0.5 and 1.5ml centrifuge tubes, 5ml preparation tube as well as standard 15 and 50ml conical centrifuge tubes.
The light-sensitive freezer boxes can be customized to fit different size tubes through the option of separate grids (packs of 16) that you build up yourself to divide your containers in any format you wish.

Camlab Blackline Plastics Brochure Range

To find out more about the Blackline Plastics range (centrifuge tubes, screw cap centrifuge tubes) please contact Alternatively, visit our website where you can find information on this and other ranges of Camlab Plastics where we can provide.
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