New six position pipette work station

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New six position pipette work station
[caption id="attachment_3285" align="aligncenter" width="195"]twister stand socorex twister stand socorex[/caption] Socorex releases its new 6-position pipette work station TwisterTM universal 336. A unique design provides storage space for six pipettes of most brands. Its soft 360° rotation enables quick instrument selection, each being easy to fetch. Made of few parts only, the pipette stand is simple to disassemble and reassemble for cleaning. There is a selection of seven translucent colours to choose from. Discs are interchangeable, enabling pleasant colour combinations. The Acura® manual adjustable micropipettes fit perfectly on the new TwisterTM stand. The line features exceptional user friendly ergonomics, ultra soft activation, adjustable tip ejection concept, innovative calibration system with integrated key and fully autoclavable. Each instrument bears 3 year factory warranty. The new TwisterTM universal 336 extends the Socorex pipette stand range. It now consists in four robust shelve or table top models fitting single or multichannel pipettes to answer more requirements in the laboratories. Get information about the TwisterTM universal 336 and the Acura® manual micropipette lines by typing or by contacting camlab for the full range of socorex products  
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