New Bowie Dick test from Ebro for traceable results

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New Bowie Dick test from Ebro for traceable results
The new EBI-16 electronic Bowie and Dick test from Ebro in Germany, means an end to awkward papers and a future with a traceable record of each test performed. [caption id="attachment_7325" align="aligncenter" width="176"] EBI-16 Bowie Dick datalogger[/caption] Traditionally the Bowie Dick test relies on wrapped packets of textiles with a colour indicating paper at the centre, which must then be interpreted and recorded manually. The EBI-16 from Ebro offers an electronic solution to save time, reduce waste and provide permanent, traceable records of each test. The EBI 16 delivers clear results during daily checks on the air evacuation test and the steam penetration test according to all the relevant standards - ISO 17665, EN ISO 11140-4 nd DIN EN 285 A range of relevant sterilization parameters are measured and recorded, including vacuum, compensation time, hold time and temperature. Steam penetration analogous to Bowie Dick tests using the traditional chemical indicator paper can also be reported. Following the sterilization, the unit is placed onto a reading interface and results are quickly downloaded and stored using the Winlog software. This allows analysis and comparison of the results as well as a fully traceable record stored securely and digitally. The units are also available in kits which contain everything needed for routine checks on sterilizers or washer dinsinfectors. The EBI 16 electronic Bowie Dick test system offers;
  • Reliability¬†- clear, reproducible results
  • Accuracy - high resolution graphical cycle display
  • Security - digital data recording and storage
  • Simplicity - easy to use and evaluate
See more inforamation on the EBI 16 systems at the links above, or contact us to discuss your autoclave or sterilizer monitoring and validation requirements
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