Incucell Forced Air Incubator

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Incucell Forced Air Incubator
Suitable for safe processing of microbiological cultures. The INCUCELL V line (with a fan) ensures quicker and more precise temperature distribution with small deviations. These units are to be used especially in biological and microbiological laboratories. They can also be used for quality tests in the pharmaceutical industry and cosmetics, for testing in the veterinary medicine, and in the food industry.
  • Inner volume of the chamber: 22, 55, 111, 222, 404, and 707 liters
  • Working temperature: From 5 °C above ambient temperature up to 99.9 °C
  • Inner glass door
  • Inner chamber: Stainless steel, DIN 1.4301 (AISI 304)
[caption id="attachment_4351" align="aligncenter" width="237"]Incucell 707 Comfort Incubator Incucell 707 Comfort Incubator[/caption] The versatile standard line with microprocessor control unit: The Standard-line is provided with a microprocessor control unit with adaptation for every particular unit type and volume through a Fuzzy-Logic program. The process information is displayed on a clear LED display. The control elements are placed on a foil keyboard.
  • 3 programs
  • RS 232- interface for printer or PC communication
  • delayed heating start and stop function
  • acoustic and visual alarm in error state
  • time range 99 hours 59 minutes
  • digital safety thermostat
  • manual control of the flap of the suction and the air exhaust
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