A guide to Laboratory Ice cube and Ice Flake makers

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A guide to Laboratory Ice cube and Ice Flake makers

Labcold ITV Ice Makers come in two versions: One that produces ice cubes (cylindrical) of 30 to 40g depending on model; and crushed ice producing ice ideal for filling packs and modelling to fit any item or object which requires keeping cool.

Both varieties produce hygienic, clear, pure ice ideal for medical and laboratory applications. All models are robustly constructed from stainless steel with well insulated plastic collection bins. Ice Makers are designed to require very little maintenance.

Laboratory Ice Cube Makers from Labcold – create clear, cylindrical ice cubes from tap water. That is both hygienic and clear so ideal for medical and laboratory applications. The unique cylindrical shape makes them slower to melt than normal cubes. Easy to maintain and available in a range of outputs to suit high or low usage. They feature a lime scale reducing spray system as well as a simple and efficient paddle mechanism.


The Labcold Ice Flake Makers for the laboratory create soft, clean ice flakes from tap water. Designed with all the safety features to comply with DoH Green Book and RPSGB recommendations for safe storage of drugs, vaccines, medicines etc. Engineered from quality materials with insulated storage silos to keep fresh ice in top condition. Ideal for laboratories or medical settings, for keeping reactions cooled, or quickly preparing ice packs for swelling and pain relief.


What connections do the ice cube and ice flake makers need?

  • Tap water
  • Floor level drain
  • Electricity Supply

For more information on Labcold’s range of ice cube and ice flake makers or the rest of our refrigeration and freezer range please get in touch on 01954 233 120, support@camlab.co.uk or fill in the below form.

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