How to choose the right disposable respirator mask?

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How to choose the right disposable respirator mask?
Disposable respirators or disposable face masks offer protection against inhaling dusts or mists - for example when sanding, welding, pouring, mixing or any other activity that may create a dust or mist. With a range of protection levels and styles available, we've looked at how to choose the correct disposable mask for the job. NOTE: please ask your safety advisor before choosing any PPE and check the current safety standards to ensure your PPE will protect you for your task/ task duration. [caption id="attachment_11069" align="aligncenter" width="476"]3M disposable respirators Some of the 3M disposable respirators available - with so many grades, how can you choose the right mask for the job?[/caption] Disposable masks are suitable for protection for up to one shift (around 12 hours) and should be disposed of either at the end of the shift, or sooner if you notice breathing is becoming more difficult, or you can smell or taste particulates getting through (breakthrough). A huge range of grades and protections, to suit different specific hazards are available, so it can be difficult to choose. To help in selecting which masks are suitable, try our handy selection guide here - it quickly shows which of the 3M disposable respirator masks are suited to which tasks. For more information try the links above, or contact us if you have any questions about PPE selection;
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