How can I stop my syringe filters getting blocked up?

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How can I stop my syringe filters getting blocked up?
Syringe filtration is a great, quick method of filtering samples prior to further analysis by HPLC, UV-VIS analysis or other analytical techniques. Some samples which have a high amount of solid particulates in them can block up syringe filters, slowing down the process. GE Whatman have designed two specialist syringe filter ranges with a clever filter structure which aims to combat this, giving a high purity filtration, quickly. [caption id="attachment_10437" align="aligncenter" width="466"] Whatman Syringe filters - two specialist grades, GD/X and GD/XP, aim to combat blocking with clever filter structures[/caption]

GD/X Syringe Filters

This range have been designed for use with samples that have a high amount of particulates present, for example dissolution tests, food analysis, environmental samples or concentration analysis. The pigment-free PP housing contains a stack of 4 filter types to first remove large particles, then gradually smaller ones. The first two filter layers are GMF 150 grade borosilicate glass microfiber filters that remove particles from 10 to 1 µm. This is followed by a GF/F grade filter with 0.7µm pore size, and finally the specific filter (of the specified material and pore size chosen). [caption id="attachment_10439" align="aligncenter" width="660"] The 3 layer filter stack system found in a Whatman GD/X syringe filter[/caption] This system means that each filter can process between 3 and 7 times more volume of liquid, and reduces the force needed to push the liquid through the filter.  

GD/XP Syringe Filters

Using a similar filter stack, the GD/XP range are designed for samples which need inorganic ion analysis, or where low protein binding is required - for example in trace metal analysis, or HPLC sample preparations. The GD/XP range have a 3 layer filter system - first a 20 µm polypropylene filter, then a 5 µm polypropylene filter and finally the specific material and pore size filter selected. [caption id="attachment_10441" align="aligncenter" width="447"] The GD/XP Syringe Filter 3 layer filter stack system[/caption] This unique filter stack reduces blocking even with heavily contaminated samples.   Remember that you should also consider the syringe filter diameter (larger for greater sample volume) as well as the filter material and pore size, to suit your task. To find out more about the range of syringe filters available, follow the links above or contact us if you have any questions;
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