High-Quality Filter Papers for Sewage Plant Operations

High Quality Filter Papers
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High-Quality Filter Papers for Sewage Plant Operations

Ensuring the efficient operation of wastewater treatment plants hinges on precise and reliable analytical methods. High-quality filter papers are critical components for these analyses.

MACHEREY-NAGEL's produce a diverse range of filter papers designed to meet the rigorous demands of sewage plant applications, guaranteeing reliable results and ISO-compliant filtration tested to German standards.

Key Benefits:

  • Reliable results for all analytical methods
  • Compliance with international ISO standards

Filter Papers for Specific Sewage Analysis Applications

Determination of Dry Substance


Filtration of samples for nitrogen (N) parameters is essential for assessing the nutrient levels in wastewater. This process helps in monitoring and controlling the biological treatment processes by providing data on nitrogen compounds.


MN 615 is the most widely used general-purpose filter paper with medium retention and flow rate. This filter paper covers a wide range of laboratory applications and is frequently used for clarifying liquids.

  • MN 615 ¼ (185 mm): Suitable for filtering 100 mL samples. This filter paper is perfect for small-scale tests and routine analysis for general laboratory use or wastewater treatment labs. (REF: 531018)
  • MN 615 ¼ (320 mm): Ideal for filtering 1000 mL samples. Its larger size allows for the efficient processing of larger sample volumes, which is beneficial for comprehensive analysis. (REF: 531032)

Determination of Dry Residues and Ash Content


Suction filtration is used to determine the amount of dry residue and ash content in wastewater, which is crucial for assessing the overall solids load and efficiency of the treatment process.


MN 640 w are ashless, fast filtration, for coarse precipitates. 

  • MN 640 w, Quantitative, Fast, (9 s), smooth (90 mm, 110 mm): Available is size ranging from 55 mm, to 320 mm. These filters are highly effective for general use in measuring dry residues. (REF: 202009, 202011)
  • MN 640 w with Elevated Border: Recommended for analytical procedures involving coarse particles or gelatinous precipitates. Available in 90 mm, 110 mm, and 125 mm diameters to prevent overflow during filtration. The elevated border design helps to manage larger sample volumes without spillage, ensuring accuracy in measurements. (REF: 202901, 202903, 202902)

Elimination of Turbidity in Photometry


Sample preparation for photometric analysis without digestion involves removing turbidity to obtain clear samples for accurate photometric readings.


  • Membrane Filtration Kit: Includes 2 syringes (20 mL) and 25 CHROMAFIL® membrane filters (PET and GF/PET* 0.45 μm). This kit is designed for convenient and efficient preparation of clear samples. (REF: 91650, 91601)
  • CHROMAFIL® Membrane Filters: Standalone PET and GF/PET* 0.45 μm filters are used for direct filtration. The GF/PET filters feature a glass fibre pre-filter that captures large particles without clogging, enhancing the clarity of the sample. (REF: 91652, 91602)

Determination of Suspended Solids (DIN EN 872)


Filtration with glass fibre filters is essential for determining suspended solids in sewage, which impacts the quality of the effluent and the performance of the treatment processes.


MN 85/70 BF and MN 85/90 BF are borosilicate glass micro fibres, these are the binder free alternative to MN 85/70 and MN 85/90 respectively. They are suitable for gravimetric analysis, with heat stability up to 500 °C. Both are suitable for determination of suspended solids according to DIN EN 872-2005.

  • MN 85/70 BF (0.6 μm): For standard filtration needs, this filter provides consistent performance for routine suspended solids analysis. Available in sizes ranging from 25 mm, to 270 mm. (REF: 4040 ..)
  • MN 85/90 BF (0.5 μm): For higher filtration performance, this filter offers improved retention of fine particles, making it suitable for more stringent analytical requirements. Available in sizes ranging from 25 mm, to 270 mm. (REF: 4060 ..)

Determination of Filterable Solids (DIN 38 409)


Suitable for various levels of solid content in wastewater, this application is critical for understanding the concentration of filterable solids, which affects the efficiency of the treatment processes and the quality of the discharged water.


PORAFIL® CM (0.45 μm, 50 mm):  Membranes of cellulose mixed esters ideal for gravimetric analysis. They are particularly suited for aqueous solutions. The hydrophilic membrane is thermally stable to 125 °C and can be autoclaved at 121 °C. This membrane is often used for contamination tests.  For very low solid content, this filter is ideal for highly sensitive analyses where precision is paramount. (REF: 65100045050)

  • MN 85/70 BF (55 mm): For low solid content (< 20 mg/L), this filter balances efficiency and accuracy for regular monitoring. (REF: 404005)
  • MN 640 w (55 mm): For medium solid content (> 20 mg/L), providing robust performance for typical wastewater conditions. (REF: 202005)
  • MN 640 w (70 mm): For very high solid content (> 1000 mg/L), this filter handles heavy loads effectively, ensuring reliable measurements even under challenging conditions. (REF: 202007)

This range of filter papers provides effective solutions for various filtration needs in wastewater treatment plants, enabling accurate and reliable determination of numerous parameters, which is essential for maintaining efficient and effective sewage treatment processes.

For further information, please contact support@camlab.co.uk.

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