Glasswashers - what are the choices?

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Glasswashers - what are the choices?
Camlab have many years of experience in providing the right glasswashers and disinfectors for your application. Sometimes it's difficult to know what you need to purchase, the choice is  vast. Unlike other providers, Camlab have developed a system whereby the glasswasher can be configured to your exact requirements. This is a guide to the options available and once you have decided on the basics we can help you complete your purchase so it performs optimally and efficiently. [caption id="attachment_4639" align="aligncenter" width="225"]GW0160 Model GW0160 Model[/caption] Questions to consider:
  • Do you have a preference for the manufacturer of your glasswasher?   Camlab can provide Smeg, Miele and Camlab Cub Glasswashers.
  • What type of wash do you require? There are two types to consider,  baskets to hold the glassware, or injection racks for taller vessels and hard to clean items.
  • Do you need an additive pump? Most glasswashers come with a pump but you will need additional pumps for neutraliser, anti-foaming agents etc
  • Do you need any peripheral equipment? How do plan to monitor the performance, will you need a printer or a USB interface?
  • Are there any other options you might need like a detergent store or a steam condenser?
  • What sort of water supply do you have? We will need to know if you have sources of cold and hot water or just cold.
  • Do you have a source of deionised water for the rinse programs? Tell us if you have a  deionised water supply or a bench mounted reservoir, maybe you don't have a source at all?
  • Lastly, what sort of power supply can you provide? The power supply needs to be 13Amp, 30Amp (240Volts, single phase) or  (400Volts) three phase(16amp/phase).
Once you know what parameters you have to work with you can go ahead and choose a glasswasher that will fit into the space you have allocated. Smeg Glasswashers for every application... Smeg GW2045  Slimline Glasswasher- This washer is ideal for small spaces and measures 450x620x850mm. It has 6 standard programs and 8 re- programmable phases. It has a pump for the addtion of neutraliser and an alkaline powder dispenser. It is possible to add an additional pump for liquid detergent. It stores data  up to 100 recently run programs. Smeg GW4060 Full size Glasswasher-  Nine standard programs stored 6 modifiable programs, powder dispensing or optional peristaltic pump ,detergent cabinet Optional Membrane keyboard ,forced hot air through "drying system" Pre filter class C HEPA Filter Optional Cold water supply only required , demineralised water supply and integrated water softener,washing pump 400l/min An optional Printer is available. Smeg Gw4190 90cm with drying system- Nine standard programs stored 6 modifiable programs Powder dispensing for alkaline powder peristaltic pump for neutraliser Detergent cabinet steel 4 x 5l tanks Incorporated water softener and salt sensor cold water and demineralised water connections electronic door lock system for user safety electrical connection 3P+N 400V 50Hz 7kW max , Single phase version available 230V 2.8kW, Supplied without trolleys Camlab can also supply a full range of washer accessories for Smeg, Miele and Camlab Cub Models. Click here for more information
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